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Hey all. Long time member here. Haven't used the thread in a while though. So I'm trying g to make my own mixed dry nutrients. And here is what I have come up with.
Each part is 1 cup
Insect Frass 2 parts
Azomite 2 parts
Bio-Fish 1 part
Alfalfa 2 parts
Bone Meal 2 parts
Feather Meal 2 parts
Rock Phosphate 1 part
Langbeinite 1 part
Kelp Meal 2 parts
1/4 cup Myco

This was mixed well and bagged. I'll use 1 tbsp per gallon once a week.

So what do you guys think?
Still trying to calculate the NPK but I believe it will be something like a 3-6-8 or a higher 7-9-9
Using down to earth nutrients as my base.


Some of your ingredients break down very slowly in soil and should probably be incorporated in your soil at the beginning of the season.
Azomite, feather meal and possibly langbeinite come to mind. Since langbeinite is for potassium at 22%, I added mine at start of flower to make it available later on, but I don’t think I would use it throughout my feeding. Good luck with your grow.


My questions would be do you test your soil as to know what to add ,how's the quality of your worm castings or compost and do you use Bio char in your mix and the moisture level those things for me regulate how much of the amendment I use in my grow at which times I usually I re amend at the start of each run no other input for the whole run other than Maybe top dress a little worm castings but usually I don't have to I have a 4×8 bed in the basement under a light mover and I do a no till application with Blumat moisture meter and soaker hoses and homemade vermicast from my kitchen waste (sustainability is where it's at!😎) I get my amendment from KIS organics in Washington state (I live in Michigan) as a mix and that's about it I have a pretty good turn out I use Pro Mix HP as a base to start but I haven't had to buy new soil for a few years no

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