Question on generating autoflower seeds from autoflower plants.

So on my quest to generate my own autoflower seeds, I bought some regular (M & F) Bubba Cheese autoflower seeds, with the the intent of letting them pollinate and generate seeds. They are all just starting to flower and I have an equal number of males and females. In theory (in my mind) these plants should provide me with more regular autoflower seeds, or will I wind up with other varieties as well??
They will all be regular seeds, and they will all be automatic. One of the characteristics of the autoflower plants are that they require several generations of breeding to get them stable enough to sell to consumers. So, that means that every autoflower seed you buy is a stabilized hybrid. They breed true...99% true anyway. You still might get a fluke every once in a while.

You are doing what every seed company hopes you won't do. That is why most places won't sell 'regular' seeds...just feminized. Of course, you can still make seeds with fems, but it is a little more difficult.