Quiet 4" inline fan recommendations, please

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I have a new Vivosun 4" inline fan and filter system. The thing is very loud. Does anyone recommend one that is quiet?


I think you might be chasing poor performance trying to find a quiet fan. It's easier to hang a muffler in front of the fan, and it's quite effective. I have a 6-inch system, but a 4-inch muffler is also available. Here's one from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/AC-Infinity-...1feb049ad684b42&ref=&adgrpid=96633968089&th=1

Oh - you also need a speed controller. Much of the time you may only need to run your fan at low speeds, particularly at night when trying to sleep. If the fan is running at 100% all the time you have noise problems.

On the output end of the fan ductwork I put a carbon filter. That also reduces wind noise which I appreciate. I have about 30 feet of flexible ducting coming out of my tent, out of the bedroom the tent is in, and around into my office space. I appreciate the extra airflow coming into my office when it is hot. However, that also reduces the humidity a bunch. When the weather is cool I leave the duct in the same bedroom as the tent and close the door. Humidity really builds up then (along with heat).

I'm using an A/C Infinity inline fan (6 ") with integrated controller. There is a temp sensor that hangs down in the growing area feeding data to the fan. I have it set to come on at a certain temp then ramp up to 100% speed as it gets to the highest programmed temp. It tends to cycle slowly between 30 and 80 percent speeds through the day, depending on growth stage and leaf coverage inside the tent.
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