Rate my nute burn lol 😉

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Hey folks, first time grower here and I feel like I'm doing pretty well so far. But I've run into a little nute burn. How bad would you feel if you saw those brown leaf tips like the ones in the photos. My setup is a little challenging to monitor correctly, but I'll be modifying things for my next grow. I think my biggest problem is that my buddy who helped me setup my tent put the reservoir underneath my grow basins. It's not in direct light, in fact it's essentially dark under the basins, but the tent does get warm, naturally. So between the plants drinking, the presumed reservoir evaporation, and my tap water (220ppm - buying an RO system soon) I've kinda just been doing my best. My reservoir's PH is generally darn close to spot, and I hit 700ppm each time I change it out. Post your feels, thoughts, and comments please.


Rate my nute burn lol 4
Rate my nute burn lol 3
Rate my nute burn lol 2
Rate my nute burn lol

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