I've been using raw salts for a few months and these are my findings so far.

Base water 40-80ppm

Coco - DTW Beds - I've had really healthy results with the following (in ppm) All the way from Veg to Day 10 flower.

159 48 192 74 53 100

That would be 3.3 : 1 : 4

Promix blend DTW pots- The same mix but they aren't as healthy. It seems they want Something more.. Not as vigorous, no obvious deficiencies.

Questions -
Does Peat/Promix usually need more P ? Or is too much K?

Coco - I want to continue this amazing growth but am a little weary to change to a different formula. I was thinking lower the N, K and Ca a bit. I can do this with what I have:
118 57 168 70 54 85

Thoughts and comments welcome!