Raw Trim To Add Terpenes?

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First time grower getting close to harvest and thinking ahead to my edibles processing. Terpene profiles are important to me for specific strain effects so my concern is knowing many terps start to completely break down chemically at even moderate temperatures how much of them really survive decarb? Doubts about the sealed container approach because if they are chemically destroyed there is nothing left to be "reabsorbed" into the flower. Perhaps some here have actual lab results of end product to quantify terpene loss after certain processing methods. One option I'm considering is adding non-decarbed raw trim into my infusion to restore the original terpenes. Of course infusion itself requires heat so I'm not certain how effective that would be unless the oil offers protection. Curious on thoughts and experience as I'm not yet finding much info on this from a home grower perspective.


Go smell something old. Anything. An old tire behind your shed, a piece of old wood. A scratch and sniff sticker from your childhood.

Things hold smells. It's really odd that cannabis has become some mystery regarding smell. If your cannabis has a problem stinking, it has a problem with its metabolism. I promise you, healthy dead bodies stink more than unhealthy bodies when they break down from heat oxygen and time. Cannabis is no different.
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