RDWC - leaves twisting significantly and bending

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Hi, first time grower using Lucas Formula and RDWC using not-very-hard tap water. I have some leaves bending significantly, and some yellowing. pH is just a touch high but still reasonable. Temps around 70 and head from lights not very strong. Leaves have some yellow tips/some browning. Light might be a bit close, but I put the LED in veg mode so it is not super strong. Water temp is high 70s. Do I need CalMag? Thank you!
Rdwc   leaves twisting significantly and bending
Rdwc   leaves twisting significantly and bending 2
Rdwc   leaves twisting significantly and bending 3
Rdwc   leaves twisting significantly and bending 4
Rdwc   leaves twisting significantly and bending 5


Looks like your over watering via top feed. You don't want your top medium constantly wet, especially the plug.

I'm a noob so wait for others opinions.


Yea your growing weed in the system instead of above it.

Raise that cube up to where its top is flush with the surface. Your basically growing in a very high humid area instead of using your rooms environment. Get some airflow going to. Add pebbles to stop the light from hitting water.

Give us your ph, ppms, room temp and humidity as well as what all you have added to your water, how much of it, and a pic of your roots.


One plant does look sick and taller than the others. It is a different strain (growing 5 of same and 3 different). pH 6.45, ppm 745, salt 0.007%, air temp 70, humidity 52%. I noticed some (tiny bit) of algae growing on the clay pebbles. I moved the recirculating water to pump deeper into the system away from light. I noticed a lot of particles in the reservoir and buildup on the pump, although I assume it is just nutrients. There is some dark stuff on the bottom of the buckets, not sure what it is. Thank u!
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