RDWC Recirculating Deep Water Culture

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18 Plant RDWC I call it the (Ross) and this system has served me well but I have switched to ebb and flow

18 plant custom built Recirculating deep water culture system
1 x Husky rolling tote for Reservoir 45 Gallon (170 Liters)
18 x Uline Black Pails 5 Gallon (18.9 Liters)
18 x Hydrofarm 10" Mesh Pail Inserts
39 x Uniseal 3" Rubber Grommets
3" PVC Pipe
3" PVC Shutoff Valves
1/2" Black Vinyl Tubing
1/2" Barbed fittings "L" and "T" fittings
Vivosun 1600 GPH (100 Watt) Water Pump
Ecoplus7 3566 GPH (200 Watt) Air Pump (very loud)
18 x Pawfly 4" Airstones (1) in each pail
6 x 8" Air Stones in the Reservoir
18 drip emitters (1) for each pail
Blue UV Airline Tubing
Black Airline Tubing

Active Aqua 1/4 HP 3010 Btu (460 Watt) Water Chiller
Blue Lab Guardian Monitor Connect (monitoring PH AND PPM)
Blue Lab PH Controller Connect (Controlling PH)
Blue Lab Truncheon Meter (for mixing Nutrients)
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