RDWC/UC heat control covering or coating

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Hi. I'm a noob to this site. Let me know if I'm not following site protocol as I settle in here. I am a coco grower for some time and experimenting with a UC4 build while continuing with other tents as coco. I will be using a heat exchanger method of chilling the res and the epicenter that has worked well for my coco res's. Recirc chillers have not been my fave type of chiller.

I did a search for heat control coatings and coverings with no direct threads.

What would be a priority of grow pot heat reduction methods?

ie white paint vs a reflectix parka vs foil tape, panda film, etc. coverings for poly (or HDPE possibly) EzStor buckets.

My thoughts revolve around -

what sticks well to poly? - not much, especially over some time!
are the grow sites going to sweat if my water temp is around 68-70F and the air temp in the tent is 75-80F?
will gunk/algae grow under tape on a lid or pipe wrapping with tape? - likely cus some moisture will be inevitable I expect
what about gunk under a removable wrap of reflectix? The CC parkas or cozy look like air would flow a bit and maybe less potential of algae, but also cleanable
what is "too reflective" material? Grow tents use a diamond mylar covering that isn't super shiny probably for a reason



I've wrapped my buckets with the foil bubble wrap I got at Home Depot. Worked well for me.. algae wont grow without light. Just wrap it tight, no need to glue it to the bucket.
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