Ready to flip? How many potential cola’s do you see? Will be ready to harvest by 10/28?

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Have no given any nutes been in happy frog and ocean with some of my own compost. Do add TPS silica to water.
Temp75-83, humidity 50-65% full light from viparspectra xs 1000 /120 watts.
DE took care of gnats. They appear pretty healthy.
Fimmed one week ago, defoliation of undercarriage yesterday. Lightly as is hard to cut on them.

Am thinking of deceasing from 18, to 16 to 14 to 12 hours over the weekend— anyone do 36 hours of darkness at flip initiation stage?

My last question is if things go well— how much in ounces out of this micro grow?

Thanks everyone
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Is my screen too fine? I see no evidence of flowering yet— rookie here. Dli 44 Ppfd~1100
Soil. Have some Mammoth P on the way- hope it lives up to expectations.

Made a boo-boo and left lights on an extra 4 hours last Friday. What can you do?

Am happy with overall health.
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nice Tolkien inspired handle.
ummm, well to answer your first questions. No I would not flip any time soon. Personally I would veg at lest another 2-3 weeks let your arms and under branches grow another 6-8 inches. Really utilize that nice screen you have in there.
so if you veg additionally time, no they will not be ready for 10/28. They will need minimum 80 days before you can cut then, depending on how much sativa is in the genetic mix. 14 days for the stretch and veg enlargement before flower, then you eight week or 56-65 bloom cycle. (If I were you I would google everything I could on nutrient demands at various growth stages, and bloom cycle stages, something different happens each of the 8 weeks. ASL think of those as 10 day weeks, not standard ones)
also you are starting to yellow just a tad, if you haven’t added enrichment you may want to hit it with a P and K fertilizer bust 4-5 days before you flip the lights.
good luck.

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