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I have a couple questions regarding my new UC rdwc system as I'm down sizing from a 4 Bucket to a 2 bucket plus control bucket of course I will be doing 3in pvc instead 2in and no 90 elbows tees with caps only so I can easily and fully clean the system. 27gal containers doing x2 plants with 8in cc net pots per bucket as my veg is a 4 bucket 8gal cc rdwc..
My return line should I do 1 or 1.5in pvc..and do I have to run it down the middle or can I put it in the middle of the return manifold and put a tee on it as I would like to run it to the left and down to my pump then chiller back to controller..
I also dont know what's the best size of pvc line 1/2 or 3/4 for airline as I have a alita 120 and I already have x2 matala 9in diffuser disc so I can buy 1 more and run those.. or would x2 9in per plant bucket be better or go with 1 12in per plant I know the 9in in my cc epicenter does plenty of d.o so I think the same will be fine for the 27gal...
For the controll Bucket is it best to use 1 exhaust like how cc does or would doing 2 exhaust like one on each side of the controller would it have better flow? I imagine the 1x would be best since c.c has all theirs setup and I imagine they did plenty of r&d on that but who knows unless someone has done both??
For the bulkheads I need for the upper control bucket like on the intake from chiller on with my spin filter I also will be building a add back kit too...would using pvc male and female fittings with gaskets work or is there not a big enough lip and bulkheads will just be the best way to go in the long run and ease of mind too but if it's under 1in it may be okay I'm not sure...
I also will have a seprate draining pump and I think I'll run 1/2in pvc to ea bucket and on the inside get a slip bulkhead or the pvc fitting and gasket with a 90 slip fitting so I can drain the entire system w/o having to get the shop vac out...
I appreciate your time reading
Jack og

Jack og

1” would be adequate with the number of pots You running.
2” exhaust is ideal
Airline stick to 1/2” as volume matters little with air, it’s all on the pump capacity and ability to replenish. 1/2 “ is more then enough


So on my return tee I'm planning on putting it vertical facing the ground instead of being horizontal against the ground and if I do 3in pvc with a 2in return it would be in the middle of the containers..and would pry be close to the net pot..even tho I will have a 55gal res that's just iffy to me..and I'm not going to raise the buckets maybe 1.25in return line maybe best as I would like the bulkheads closer to the bottom like 1/4 the way up would be fine if I I wonder if 2in pvc would be the way to go and stick with 2in but just do the return tee vertical and call it a day but I'm not sure as I dont want to regret not going 3in or 2in etc....thankyou all for your time
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