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I am currently running an equinox 1000 led in a 4x4. I am looking at upgrading my tent to an 8x8 and I need setup suggestions for lighting. I am open to other companies and lights for this new tent setup.


I'd look at bar light style fixtures. 4 fixtures at 600w each will give you 37.5 watts per sq ft. It's a bit more light than you'll require unless you hang the lights higher or use the dimmer. Dimming your lights down will increase your lights efficiency and increase their longevity,

Brands - There's a pretty good list of brands to consider. Best bang for your $$ is likely going to be an SE series light from Spider Farmer although big names like Gavita have offerings not too much higher than Spider Farmer if that's the way you want to go.

I've got 2 Growers Choice ROI E720's in an over-size 4 x 8 tent. Over-kill at 100% for sure but at 75% I'm running about 33.5 watts per ft sq and I'm using the Grower's Choice Master Controller giving me complete control of the amount of light my plants recieve.

I bought the second one after using a single E720 in a 5 x 5 for 2 yrs with excellent results. It's a good light although it's a bit pricey at full manufacturer's suggested pricing. However I got mine for $750 (just under $800 with tax and free shipping). If you're in the USA, it makes sense to sign up for the "pro" membership at Grow Generation. You'll get free shipping on many items and a steep discount off of MSRP. They also have a large brick and mortar store presence in many legal states. They offer other high quality brands of LED lighting systems too. You can choose what best fits your budget.

Shop around. Just don't fall for the false marketing pitches seen on Amazon .... offering 1000w of light while pulling only 150 watts from the wall outlet. That's a sales gimmick trying to separate your money from your wallet.
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