I've been running Remo nutes for my DWC for about a year and a half now and I love it,
Now that I switched back to undercurrent, is this going to be a problem.

Everything that Remo has is super chelated it seems except the kelp,
Does anyone here run kelp or have ran kelp in their undercurrent?
Also, Remo does not have a res cleaner.
So I was thinking of picking up some UC roots.
I'm just curious if the kelp with promote bacterial growth in the system.
I could always foliar spray the velokelp seeing how leaf uptake is 7x that of a root.. But never have and am not sure what doses to spray with. I'm sure that's in the forums here somewhere
House and garden aqua flakes has me interested also. But was thinking of running flakes a +b with cultured solutions addies.

Help is appreciated.

Why combine 2 different nutrient brands? Why not just use the h&g line up or the cultured solutions line up? Not sure about the Remo but I feel like I’ve seen some of his videos and he uses current culture systems doesn’t he??
As far as I know Remo uses his own now, at least the last video I've seen.

And reason for the mix. My buddy who runs undercurrent, mixes the two and it looks beautiful in his undercurrent. I don't want to run the whole house and garden line anyways, all them bottles are almost all of the same thing with them, lol. But their base nutes seem to work very good.
I'm more curious as how the kelp will interact within the system, Im thinking about foliar spraying. As I'm not sure if bacterial/fungi growth will be promoted with the presence of a technically "organic" product in the system.
If your buddy has success I would replicate what he does. Good starting point.

Let me know what the mixture is haha..
He uses aqua flakes a b fromh&g and all of the additives from cultured solutions. He was running full CS line but he preferred this mix. But hey who knows this Remo I've been using may work just as good as it did for me in the dwc. I might as well use is seeing how I have gallons left. If that's the case I will stay with Remo. Remo is pretty new, but the bud is ridiculously frosty and smells a mile away!
Do you just go by his feeding schedule?
For the Remo nutes
When I was doing my DWC I went less than what they recommend during week 3 to the end of flower. It was coming out at about 1150 ppm (500 scale) when I first started Remo and burned my plants pretty good on my first run with it. Ever since I went down to 950-1000 during flowering they've been green the whole way through!
One thing about this undercurrent is that I should now save on nutes running an even lower EC ;)