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So I was gifted some testers from Reno Genetics.
Hyper glue: gg#4 x Crockett's afternoon delight
(Blue dream x c99)x(sour kusk x c99)
White blaze x SK x c99
Iron Ape: Grape Ape × (Agent Diesel×PurpleDream)
(Rotten mayo haze x c99) x (SK x c99)
(Tangie x c99) x (SK x c99)
(Astro dawg x Star dawg(tricot)) x (SK x c99)
Crockett's Afternoon Delight f2

That's one hell of a list. I'm going to work these into my rotation. So they will be in black gold water hold mix. Its coco/ sphagnum with ewc and I'll be using Nectar for the Gods nutes, slf 100, agisil 16 silica and blackstrap molasses. Veg in a 4x4 under t5.
Flower in a 8x4 bloom room under 1,000w hps and either a 600w mh or another 1000w hps. Still havent decided. I wont be topping them the first time around so I can see their structure. Im thinking around 2 month veg, 1 gal hard pots. Lets get into some fire!!!
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