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So I was gifted some testers from Reno Genetics.
20170303 142735
Hyper glue: gg#4 x Crockett's afternoon delight
(Blue dream x c99)x(sour kusk x c99)
White blaze x SK x c99
Iron Ape: Grape Ape × (Agent Diesel×PurpleDream)
(Rotten mayo haze x c99) x (SK x c99)
(Tangie x c99) x (SK x c99)
(Astro dawg x Star dawg(tricot)) x (SK x c99)
Crockett's Afternoon Delight f2

That's one hell of a list. I'm going to work these into my rotation. So they will be in black gold water hold mix. Its coco/ sphagnum with ewc and I'll be using Nectar for the Gods nutes, slf 100, agisil 16 silica and blackstrap molasses. Veg in a 4x4 under t5.
Flower in a 8x4 bloom room under 1,000w hps and either a 600w mh or another 1000w hps. Still havent decided. I wont be topping them the first time around so I can see their structure. Im thinking around 2 month veg, 1 gal hard pots. Lets get into some fire!!!


First up, Hyper Glue! I'll be running one of these in the solo cup challenge.
20170308 052157
The rest will be run in the regular format. Can't wait to see what we get. They are packs of 5 so lets hope for a few females!
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