Res setup and irrigation in grow room

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Ok so I’m looking to setup a automated watering system for my grow room. I got a dab dtron3 pump that goes from 22 psi all the way up to 65 psi. Yes I know it’s overkill for sure. I want to see pictures of how your res is set up, I currently have a 55 gal drum and a 15 gal drum. I also have 2 35 gallon drums but they need to be cleaned and sanitized. I would run the pump in the smaller res and feed from that. How do you control ph in the res? Can I just adjust every day or is there a budget friendly monitor that automatically adds in ph down? Also will I want to run air stones in both reservoirs? Next is what’s the best delivery setup? Are drop rings better than drip emitters? I was thinking of just running a hub that regulates the pressure to 2.2gph and then 1/4 inch lines with 2 lines in each pot. Either that or run the drip rings. Sorry for the long post and any input is much appreciated thanks.
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