Revegged by accident. What to do?

Hello. I'm on my first growing batch and a couple weeks a plant was ready to be harvested I left for holidays. I left my plants with a friend. When coming back I realised the plant was overwatered and the light was left on for a week or two. The water problem was solved but the plant went back to veg and I don't know what to do. I put the light back on 12/12. It has been like 3 weeks after I came back from vacations and I saw a lot of deform leaves.

The plant grew a lot of new stigmas that are not ready (based on +70% brown rule). I know before this happened, many of them were brown already. I'm not sure if I should wait until the new ones get also brown or I should just harvest. Also, would this make the plant have a lower thc and higher cbd dose? What can be the effects on the high?

You can see a picture of the plant now. What should I do?

harvest,all brown is more cbd it thats what your after,just a tip for next time,dont even let your family take care of your plants,gardening medicine is a one person op unless your in for money,no one cares about your plants but yourself hands down,they might have good intensions but there life doesnt revolve around your wants if you dig,damage is done so just harvest it,if the lower stuff is still clear you can just let it go till you get what you need ,but me id harvest