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[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] Michelle Rainey, one of Canada's most active and recognisable advocates, has died of cancer at the age of 39.

Ms. Rainey was diagnosed with Crohn's disease as a teenager, and in the early 1990s began smoking marijuana to relieve the symptoms in place of a daily regimen of pharmaceutical drugs, saying that the marijuana did not trigger the same debilitating side effects as the pills. In her last years she fought melanoma and lymphatic cancer.

Throughout her life, Ms. Rainey was a passionate promoter of the plant and its therapeutic properties. She had her own show on YouTube an distributed cannabis education packages to those in need. She was also a director for the magazine Treating Yourself.

Ms. Rainey also helped organize Marc Emery's marijuana-based business empire. The two met in 1998 and opened up a bookstore that also served as a pot headquarters in Vancouver. The two also established the British Colombia Marijuana Party. In the 2001 provincial elections, theirs was the first party in BC history to field candidates in every riding during their first campaign (79 in total). Ms. Rainey also ran as a candidate, touring the province in what she called 'the Cannabus'—US president Ronald Reagan's old campaign tour bus.

Mr. Emery said of her death: "Michelle may have literally given her life to the movement, and when people think about what they can do for freedom in their lifetime, Michelle's life is a shining example of how much is possible, even under great duress."


All to common to see the sacrifices and costs of people being locked up but we often forget the people who are often the most influential activists are on borrowed time.

R.I.P. and my next vape is in her honor!


RIP Michelle, you will surely be missed. I for one am very thankful for the contributions you have made to our collective movement.
the rrock

the rrock

she was one of a kind,i actually met her(randomly) a few years back in victoria,.so sad as sne seemed to have alot of energy,passion and charisma at the time, She could have passed for my wifes twin at the time,very beautiful woman inside and out


Rip michelle rainey you will be sadly missed and my sincere condolences to jef tek[her husband/activist/grower/teacher] michelle may your soul go to where it is happiest


always remembered never fogotten

words cannot describe the lose of Michelle, over the past six years or so i got to know her through mutual friends.there was never a bad moment,always full of laughter and good times(blazn at the pne,). the times i spent with her as few as they were will always be remembered.thanks for the medicinal shirts! you always made people smile with your presence,so full of energy and life even with the afflictions you had. im glad to have gotten to see you again at the ty hemp&mmj expo. you"ll be greatly missed but always remembered. all my best to jef and the rainey family. Doesha,CCN,DSNB SEEDS,DOSHA INC.
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