ROC n Rolling

What up you know I've been sick as fck for a few months now,but starting to get about a bit...LOTS to catch up on...soaking a few beans again...trying to get a grow going...I'm way behind in my journals and my honey-do' but surely I'll get back up to speed...freaking Orange OG of ROC's is some dank, earthy ,greasy ass herb...this shit will hit ya like a'm plundering through a few jars and finding some honey in this last chop...I'll get up what I can find from this last run before the health issues, and report best I can...I'm running the Orange OG again this run...along side a few more...MGG...can't say enough bro.. a true friend you are bro...that road trip in Dec is looking good atm...hope to see ya then...Sorry for the slacking ROC on my journals...I'll make it up somehow...I can see some old friends growing some damn fire in these forums...let's go read a bit...plunder thru a few journals...good to be back...missed you fellows....B
Hey brother-man!! GREAT to have you back amongst us!! I've been worried as hell about you and keeping tabs thru our mutual amigo! Glad you're up and about. Also glad to hear you've still got some gals on the grow! I'll be looking forward to seeing your Orange OG pics when you feel up to posting them! I'm thinking about popping a little of that myself soon. Take good care bro, and let me know if ya need anything! As'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Best always, -Max
Fero, Max, DP...Thanks...been tough for a few months now..what was a simple and accurate diagnosis in the beginning, turned into a "what the fck is going on now" for me...after wks of try this, try that, they finally figured that I was having one hell of an allergic reaction to some of the powerful prescribed antibiotics...I am that one in a million that would have such...damn near killed reading thru a few of you guys journals...SUPERB stuff...I still see a limb or 2 gets broken somehow before been over?...he uses a greased 3 legged step stool w/loose screws around wk 7 to ck trichs...hehehe...and yea Max...I seen that PURPLE bud dammit...several times killing it fellows...good to smell that fresh FF's the best therapy I'm telling Orange OG is bomb earthy ass rank herb...I'm hoping for another pheno of the same this run hopefully...I'll look for a few dried bud pics and post it up if I can find um...B