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ROC hope you don't mind me chiming in for a sec. GT I don't hype very much...esp when it comes to breeders and genetics in general, but if theres a breeder that I'd feel comfortable knowing that when I pop his/her beans I'm gonna find something special and different from all the other stuff that's available on the market. No disrespect to any other breeders out there as we have some great ones here. I feel ROC is one of the few that cares much more about finding something special of his own creation that any amount of $$$ that could be thrown at him. Give his genetics a try bro I personally garauntee you will find something you won't be willing to let out of the garden.

I cant say enough about this strain. I popped 3 beans and found a keeper that will be in my garden for a very long time. Very solid, dense, heavy buds that will turn a very dark purple color toward the end of flower. The tester I took at 60 days was very sweet and skunky in smell and flavor and the buzz was a happy/stoned but not heavy and narcotic. The later nug I've just partaken of that was taken 73days was very narcotic and heavy. A proper cure will only increase the potency..... so will be a headripper if taken to 35-40% amber. Hope you don't mind me posting a cple pics? MGG

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Well...there's not allot I can add to that, except to say that I agree COMPLETELY with everything you just said! They just don't come any better than ROC...or his great gear!

I'm not big on hyping shit either...but I really believe in his work. It's SO different from everything out there today. All the endless kushes (I LOVE a good Kush mind you, but variety IS the spice of life)!! If you decide to run ROC's WILL NOT be disappointed folks! It's just as simple as that! And $70 for a pack??? What a fucking bargain! I'm surprised they're not selling for at least double...but ROC has NEVER ever been about the bucks! Thank you SO much ROC...for your amazing gear, and for being a great friend! Best, -Max


Trichome Engineer
Grapes x Sk x Nl

The Grapes is a line of DJ Short that I broke off in 1998.. It always has a nice grape/skunky flavor to her with a long slow cure.
heavy resin thick smoke and a very relaxing buzz.

Sk#1 x Nl#5 is from The Seed Bank 1989. The smoke is great with a lite skunky grapefruit taste to her and heavy resin with big yields..

Grapes x Sk#1 x Nl#5

Description of growth:
Short, stocky, minimal stretch, low odor unless disturbed late in flower. Takes well to topping, suppercropping etc and forms lots of tops and grows into a nice bush. Extremely dense, frosty buds that will give some purple hues late in flower. The smoke is very smooth, earthy, skunky flavor and a hint of grape and insense. High potency and flavor.
10 Beans $70
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Thanks to MR_GreenGenes

I just purchased these hoping they are regular seeds ? NOT feminised right?
I know that my Grape x Skunk x NL were reg beans and I'm almost 100% sure these are reg beans as well. Cant wait to see the fire you folks get from these. MGG