Rockwool and Jacks? TF Says why the hell not? Take II

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looks like the old thread got lost in the changeover. I was lucky enough to have the old first page up at least to get the info off of.....

Hey gang, back at it at the lab here. I've been down for a little bit, in order to properly clean up from a bug problem. Now that things are nice and clean again, time for another run. And what better of a clean medium than rockwool for a first run back in the lab! Back to the old days here on this run with a new twist or two. I am running Jack's hydroponic so far on these plants, and they seem to love it. I really pissed them off earlier in their life, by not watering the cubes to the point of flushing through each time, but they have forgiven me by now, and it is about time for a transplant. So I figured that I would post up the last of the veg room stage, and we will get flower underway shortly!

Tables and irrigation ready to go!


After the flower room was sanitized, I upgraded the climate control by replacing my 2 floor standing dehueys with a Santa Fe Max Dry above the room.

It draws humid air from over the grow tables on the left and the right, and blows out the dry air in the aisle. I also moves my fans to the ceiling right next to the outlets of the dehuey so they can work together, and so I will trip over less stuff in the aisle.

Veg room is swelling...

Some moms. Master x Bubba, Sour OG, Super Skunk, and Alien Dog v2.

How about some OGR Wifi? 19 from seed here ready to flower!

Some of Mosca's Ol' Time Moonshine and some SS & MxB cuts that are rooted.

Time to get back to work. -TF

Well, that's one part of it back!



I was just transplanting those cuts, and noticed that the roots are insane! Way
better than last time. The tray was the only change!

Check it out. This is MxB after 12 days from cut!


Some OGR Super Skunk


This tray insert is the shiznit for cloning with rockwool. It's even made by
Grodan. I got 100% success looking like that in 12 days.

I use a real simple cloning procedure. I soak the cut in Dip and Grow at 10x strength for a minute,
and then transplant to 1" cubes that are pre soaked at 5.5 for 1/2-1hr then
flushed with Clonex nutrient at 40ml per gal of RO and PH'd to 5.8. The cuts are
sprayed with anti wilt right after going into the cubes. I use a dome for the
first week or so. Opening the top gradually after the first day or two. I never
spray them at all with anything. I take the dome off every day once for a minute
to get fresh air. I moisten the cubes when they start to get somewhat dry (but
not bone dry) with more of the Clonex solution. No heating mat, I'm on concrete
and I just spaced up on another tray upside down. That's about it.


Here they were after transplant a week ago

Here they are today



Man! Looks like you got ur shit together dawg! Is it ok if I follow along for the ride? Good luck homie!! Ss
deep buddy

deep buddy

ill be "watching" again. no idea on the def. to me just looks like mag whores but idk. so why the switch away from coco?

looking great by the way those roots gnar!

and im glad to see your running that ogr super skunk that shit looked retardedly dank


ill be "watching" again. no idea on the def. to me just looks like mag whores but idk. so why the switch away from coco?

looking great by the way those roots gnar!

and im glad to see your running that ogr super skunk that shit looked retardedly dank
Thanks DB,
the def didn't look like a typical Mg deficiency to me. If it was, I would look to see more interveinal chlorosis. This is just splotchy on some leaves. I wanted to play with the rockwool for a run this time. I wanted to try the Jack's nutrients, and the rockwool seemed like a logical media. It is definitely cleaner, but I think that I already miss the coco. We shall see how it progresses through the run. Yep, that OGR SS will be in the stable for a while for sure!

I also decided since I had the nutes to try a head to head nute test on the all Wifi side between the Jack's and H&G. We shall see how that goes as well! First day of flower today. Let the games begin!



likes to smell trees.
Some of my plants do that, and then grow out of it. Im referring to the blotchiness.


Hmmm, interesting there Cap. You never figured out the root of the cause? I will keep you posted if I get any new theories on that one.

DanK, the WiFi is OGR recent run picked up from a collective in the valley. Same thing you say? The plot thickens...



Looking good... what is your exact recipe you are feeding them at now? are you running calcium nitrate and epsom salt as well? Good work like usual man, you keep it clean


Looks sweet!

I just set up my tables for a rockwool run... Do you feed continuously or do you use a timer? I have seen it done both ways and am just trying to figure out which route to go...


They are on a timer. Two feeds a cycle. Feed till runoff. The slabs hold a lot of water, so I start off at maybe once a day, and go from there.

No word yet on the WiFi deficiency. Anybody else have any thoughts?



likes to smell trees.
Here you go TF:


jacks hydro: 2 grams/ gal
CaNO3: 3 grams/ gal
MKP: .16 grams/gal
0-0-50 sulfate of potash with 17% sulfer: .5 grams/ gal
MOST with sulfer: 0.1 grams per gallon
Epsom salt: between .7 and 1 gram per gallon

I am not running CaCl2 anymore because I am running bennies, but you can add 0.1 grams per gallon to boost Ca and add Cl.

I run this through end of stretch. For very young plants freshly rooted to about 1-2 week old, I run this at 50%

Flower weeks 4 and 5:

Jacks hydro: 2.5 grams/gal
CaNO3: 2.1 grams/ gal
MKP: .4 grams/ gal
0-0-50 sulfate of potash with 17% sulfer: 1 gram/gal
MOST with sulfer: 0.1 gram/gallon

Weeks 6/7:

I run the above formula @ 50% and add MOAB @ 1 good teaspoon per 5 gallons, the less aggressive recommended dose.

first half of week 8: flower formula again at 75% strength.

Second half of week 8 to first half week 9 flush.

Last run with purple K, I did 5 under 3 600's. personal record. Used my bennies once a week as well through the whole cycle.


Looking Good!

White fire def has simlar look to tmv, but not saying it is (see link).

I never got it on white fire. I have seen similar w Chemdog D on a low ec feeding regimen, but went away with higher ec feeds.

In case you have not seen it, Check out this thread:
nice thread link lead, i was thinking the same with tmv but didnt want to sound like a dummy, it seems like its something not to uncommon with wifi,
check this link out TF
do you see any twisted leaves tips making a curve to the right or left?
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