ROC's Orange OGK

Sorry fellas...between trying to catch back up in the garden and everything else I've been slack as fuck on getting to messages and mail. I did have a nice lookin girl...was one of the casualties though. Didn't get to finish her so don't have much to report other than she was stinkin early and was gonna be a FAT yielder. I've still got a few of these beans and plan on poppin another one here soon.

Max that new ESP is a shredding if I could only learn how to shread. :D MGG
Well piss. I'll be starting a few of these in a week or so. Just have to get this room flipped so I have more space. Reckon I'm gonna need it. Gonna take @Max Frost 's suggestion, and start vegging longer than 3 weeks. Now that I have no constraints, why not, right?