ROC's Romulan/C-99 creation

What a girl here.:rauch08:..this lady was created by a special friend...I was fortunate enough to find a few beans looking for a place to root.:lipssealed..has the smell of a fresh diesel fruit basket a few days old...nice and sticky and not to fussy through-out the grow...3 gal pots...all FF nutrients and supplements...3 x 400 watts...what a reward...ROC's Rom/C-99...approx said before Capt'n ROC..."thanks" is a can't cure fast enough.....:sweating
Just a bump up here on another of Rocs's a few shots of a "89" Skunk x Romulan....had a few computer issues and lost most of my shots...this girl has to be one of the best smellers to date for me...I'll update with a smoke report.......:bong2:
Maaaaaaan what rock hard dank ass buds. What were the flavors and potency like on both of those B? Hell I'm psyched...just went to the ol mailbox and found some goodies from the ROC dank factory in there. I've always wanted to run the 89 Skunk x Rom since I saw these pics waaaay back. Well he was kind enough to hook me up with a few of both of these. Startin a journal in just a few. Beautiful girls as always brother. MGG
Since looks exceptional there Bigdambud the roc does it again looks executioner there bro i developed some of rocs Romulanxroyle dutch orange a while back and it was some substantial smoke.