Rookie puzzled

I don't know much about anything butttt, some general rules of growing are the plant needs more nitrogen during veg cycle (looks like where you are, or in pre flower. can't tell). During flower leaves will yellow using up nitrogen but will need more phosphorus and potassium to create big buds. I think I have read somewhere that if new growth is weird looking without jagged edges on fan leaves could mean an imbalance of nutrients (maybe to much nitrogen). Do not quote me on this though, just trying to get the ball rolling for ya. Possibly just give them some flushes of PH'd water
looks like too much N in flower not enough PK also could possibly be the distance away of your lights or the spectrum of light you are using as well. But without all the details i can only speculate
Thanks I have started flush being a newbie I try to remember doing nothing is doing something especially when ur not sure
Need Close up pictures of some of the affected leaves in natural light and tell us about your grow medium, nutes, PH, ppm Etc.

Ps. When you see strange curved leaves like that look underneath them to eliminate the possibility of bugs asap. Also how long have those plants been in flower & have you checked your timer and for light leaks yet?
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