Running out of grow room! What should I do?

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Growing in a tent in garden (started indoors) I didn’t realise how frigging big it would get even with topping and pulling down and lollipop ping. It’s now bigger then me and I’ve ran out of room in the greenhouse. Wtf do I do? Will topping it damage growth? They are sativas taking forever and ever to grow in 25l pots (yes I know to big) 🤣 but I’m worries now I’m they are going to start lifting the tent up abd taking off with it. What should I do? I can’t buy a new greenhouse. Chop the tops off? Just starting to flower. Many thanks :)


I had this happen indoors in a tent during flower. I ended up at first chopping the tops off about 6-8 inches. I had no choice at the time but I would discourage it especially if your in flower. Eventually I was able to harvest the other plant in the tent and move the giant one to the middle to spread it out some. However she was still hitting the lights. So what I ended up doing after spreading her out and finding the super tall offenders was soften the branches where I wanted to bend them and super cropping ( I think it is called that) the tallest of them 90 degrees. This worked well and did not really effect the plant to much. At least it was better than them burning while touching the lights . 🤪 I would research a few techniques like that and find your best fit. She is going to be a beast in flower if she isn’t in flower already.
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