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Has anyone used this product? I had what I believe are spider mites, so I went to the hydro store and the suggested this. I also read good reviews about it, but I may not have searched enough.

Anyway, I sprayed the tops and bottoms of the leaves as the directions instructed, and when I checked on them about 4-5 hrs later, they had what appeared to be scars. They kind of looked like light camo or something. At first I thought it may be the spray that dried on the leaf, but it definitely is not.

Hopefully someone can help me out before it's too late.

PS I didn't have my Cam with me, but I plan on posting pics tomorrow night.



I know it's been a couple days since you asked this question, but I think I know exactly what you're talking about.

Firstly, Safer 3-1 is ok to use on your plants...OMRI listed and is basically neem oil. I used on my outdoor grow, but had little luck because of the location I was in. Should take care of the mites.

The spots... if you are using any HID light 250W or more, my guess is that when you sprayed the plants the light was on. I have been mixing in nutes or checking ph and occasionally get a splash of water on my plants, it never fails that I get these spots. It's because the light is intensified by the liquid and burns the area. I would suggest if you are going to spray your plants with the light on, raise the light a lot for an hour or two until they dry. Also a finer mister will cover the leaf material more uniformly instead of beading up which causes that magnifying glass effect.

My guess is by now the spots have actually turned yellow or brown and are crispy. Hope you got rid of the mite problem.


Thanks for the reply DND. I actually haven't had an opportunity to update this thread, but I think you are right about the light issue. I actually sprayed it while the lights were off, but the lights came on about 30 mins after so it could've been the prob. As for the Mites, they were gone within a day(I caught them right away) The plants are doing great now.

The real prob was that they wren't getting enough water. This is my first grow and I didn't realize how much water it takes to keep the 6x6 rockwool cubes wet. I won't be using them again. I even thought that I was overwatering since I only had 6 plants and I was using about 2 gallons per watering. I have since transferred them into the hydroton and hooked up the pumps and that's when they perked up and I have been seeing tremendous results.

I tried posting pics in my gallery but it said that the file was too large or not the right MIME type. I'll try to get it right and post them. Thanks again for the help though.

This is the Bullrider after 2 weeks of veg. Not sure exact age when I got it. My guess is it was about 1-2 weeks old.

This is the overhead shot of all 6. The bottom right is the OG. I thought I had a solo shot of it but guess not.

This is what I thought was a Mg Def, but turned out to just need more water

This is what I thought was a Mg Def, but turned out to just need more water

This is just before I added the hydroton and hooked up the pumps and moved into the flowering room

This is 1st week of 12/12

Same here
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