Sativa trichs


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Could it be that those are a little bit smaller than indica trichs? Will i lose alot because i don't have the 25micron?

I personally dont think that trichome size differs between families.
But i could be wrong.
Sorry i couldnt of been more helpful!

Good luck to ya!

dna genetics

the 25 micron bag is a waste of time all it catches is the dust. (in my opinion)
we have made lots of ice o later,bubble hash,water extraction etc.
and never keeped any of the 25. the other day i got to have with Sadu Sam and he explained
that the 25 is the dust catcher.

so i suggest not to waste your time and help your back out too by not using the 25

keep it real


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thanks for the info guys! i'll try it out next weekend... i'll see what i can find in the 25micron :cool: