well since i'm here i would like to share some pics of my previous schanzz grow

I don't know what to say about this stuff, one of the strongest indicas ive ever smoked.

Get odor control for your odor control.

She stretched a ton too, maybe 3x its original size, i find most plants stop stretching at 2-3 weeks this one stretched for a good 28 days.
Yields where up there.

I loved the og shiskaberry and this might have more flavor but a ton more potency, i remember the shiskaberry being similar to to gdp in the fact that has amazing flavor but not mind numbing potency.

i need to get another pack to share with some friends who can grow some of this but i wish i at least still had the clone so i could still have some. And i need to figure out what my next chimera selection is going to be.
Counting this report, I have now heard a few people describe it as one of the strongest indica's they have smoked. Maybe I'll get a few packs of it instead of just one.

Thanks for the pictures and description.
Beautiful plant and nice writeup. Seems people always add onto their Chimera grows "wish I would have cloned it". I clone everything before I flower it, usually more than one. Is it just a question of not having the space, or _________ ??
oh i had cloned it, but had given it to some friends since i stopped growing it. Unfortunately they no longer have it either.

It was one of those things that i didn't take into consideration at the time.
I'm guilty of giving some to a trusted friend, too, so I understand. Really wish we had some kind of regional clone bank in a spider-mite proof underground bunker of some sort. These things are international treasures and its a shame how many are lost.
Finally got ahold of some SB beans! Been wanting these for a looong time. Flower room is booked til March or so, but I have waited this long, I can make it. Really, really looking forward to summer though!

Thanks for the pics and report PoppyCoopy. BTW your nick accurately and horribly describes the condition of my chicken house this time of year.
What's your schnazzleberry 2 taste like? And....does anyone know if it tastes like the original schnazzleberry?
my schanzz was more berry and licorice scented.

never had the original but the shiskaberry was more fruity and less potent.
Mine have just come into flower and you are right about the odor! Holy cow. Might grab a new scrubber today since mine is apparently no longer doing its job. Luckily I am in a very remote area and "legal" but its still not ideal.