Sealed Rooms 4000 watts "The Undercurrent"

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I have posted this in "Undercurrent" Forum, but figured I would add the construction photos here for others to see. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

I have 2 rooms. Est. $4,500 in each room (doesn't count room construction, chiller, CO2 or nutes).

Each Room Is: - 12 ft. long x 7.5 ft. wide x 8 ft high
28 - sheets of Greenboard Drywall (&currentURL=/pl_Drywall%2BMaterials_4294864808_4294937087_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&Ntt=&URL=TopCategoriesDisplayView&langId=-1&Ns=p_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&storeId=10151"]Lowes @ 8.98 each) was used to avoid any potential mold/moisture issues.
3 - coats of KoolSeal Elastomeric Reflective Roof Paint on all walls and floors (It's so bright it makes your eyes water - 90% reflective) available at Sherwin Williams. We did NOT prime or paint, because we weren't sure how the KoolSeal would turn out. That being said: I recommend an oil based paint primer and at least 1 coat of flat ceiling white (80-85% reflective non-tinted) as a base. The KoolSeal Primer isn't need, its intended for tough surface applications like aluminium/steal and concrete.
1 - Exterior Door @ $140

10 - Tub & Tile tubes of caulk to seal rooms before painting. 20 Total.

3 - circuit 120v @ 15 amps inside of each. 28 sockets total per room.
1 - circuit 120v @ 15 amps outside of rooms
1 - circuit 240v @ 50 amps wired straight to timers from electrical box

1 - Undercurrent UC8XL 8 x 8 gallon buckets

1 - Hail Cubes bag is more than enough for 20+ 8" netpots.

2 - Shop Light Fixtures
2 - NextGen Digital Ballasts 1000w
2 - 1000w Dual-Arc's
2 - Sun Systems Magnum XXXL8 - 8" Air cooled
We installed extended cables from ballasts to a junction box in the center of each ceiling for easy plug and play of hoods.

1 - Infinite Breeze Dual Action Wall Fan Awesome! [YOUTUBE=""]Infinite Breeze Dual Action Fan[/YOUTUBE]
Inline Fan:
1 - Active Air 8" 720 CFM Inline Fan

1 - Danby 3 in 1 12k BTU Portable A/C

1 - Hanna pH/TDS/Temperature Monitor

Reverse Osmosis System:
1 - Hydrologic Stealth 200 RO

Photo's taken with iPhone up to Day 1

DAY 1, 10 days in cloner

Nutrients: (Following H & G Feed Chart)
House & Garden Aqua Flakes A/B
House & Garden Roots Excelurator
House & Garden Multi Zyme
House & Garden Algen Extract
House & Garden Drip Clean
Cal Mag

Great White (Sprayed onto trunk ONLY, AKA Crown Feed)
House & Garden Magic Green
Dutch Master Liquid Light
Dutch Master Penatrator

Flower: (Will be)
House & Garden Bud XL
House & Garden Top Booster
House & Garden Shooting Powder


Control Center

My partner is a mechanical engineer and I went to school for robotics engineering/industrial technology. Most of our friends are engineers and chemists.

We are using a PLC (Program Logic Controller). We have thermocouples that read/records the temps of the rooms at different locations that we wired during construction. We will add ph/ec sensors next grow (calibrating on a 5v sensor is easy with fluid). It is easily expandable to do auto-dosing (we just have to write the code), solenoids and actuators are very easy to control. I am thinking in conjunction with gravity feeders will be the simplest.

Once we have a small revenue stream from this venture, I will most likely build a program off another chassis that people can buy/replicate or that I can sell in an easy complete package. These chassis's communicate with RJ45 (Internet Cable) and are capable of standalone operation, very cool stuff. The one we are using software costs $30,000 per year license. It's intended for engine diagnostics and the current chassis modules doesn't support a few things we will need to add. Good thing I enjoy doing this sort of thing!


Getting ready to add CO2

Getting ready to add CO2

Already bought:
C.A.P. PPM-3 Controller used for $250
C.A.P. GEN-2e Generator used for $150

On the schedule to buy this week:
Ecoplus 1/4 HP Water Chiller
CO2 Tank possibly, haven't decided if we will plumb the generator. (looking for a used one, they are dime a dozen)


Hi there Dave, nice setup, very clean. What strain are you running?


Hi there Dave, nice setup, very clean. What strain are you running?

Cheesus, Vortex? (Not sure on the 1 strain, pulled the clone from a friends veg room. His only un-marked plant)

We also have L.A Confidential and Confidential Cheese in the cloner 3.5 - 4 weeks. Cloned for a friend who doesn't have room, lol. We are transplanting them today in some sort of ghetto deep water bucket with bubblers and nutes. Just gonna veg them out for the next week and figure something out.

We are planning on going into flower thursday-ish.


very nice setup .. good use of space .. so many set up ideas to choose from .. i cant wait. Keep up the good work .


Very nice, do you offer grow room consultation?

I'm sure we can figure something out. I learned so much from doing this.

very nice setup .. good use of space .. so many set up ideas to choose from .. i cant wait. Keep up the good work .

Ya, the sky is the limit. Do what makes you comfortable! I figured this is the easiest way once its going. I didn't want to be scrambling later on to add things. Although we ended up doing that. LOL. We wont make that mistake next time, but thats the point. You can't succeed without making a few mistakes.

those fans rock.

The breeze fans? Yeah, they are awesome to look at.

keep up the good work man !

Thanks! We have already started planning the expansion in January.


looks great dave, subd. btw, where did you find your used c.a.p. stuff? was it local or?

Herban Legend

Really nice setup, im considering something similar, rooms are built just need to figure out which UC I want to go with.
Luke Harrison

Luke Harrison

Why did you build the soffit around the top of the room? It dosen't apper to have anything in it so what function does it serve?
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