Sealing UC buckets - Magic Adhesive

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Dump a few gallons of cal mag in to plug what ever is left over.[/quote]

When you clean your systems, do they begin to leak when you remove the calcium deposits?


How was that vid not helpful?

It's really that simple.

Is there something we're missing?


Hey redwhiteblue
I don't have any experience with UC grows but I'm a professional plumber.
In a pinch; Like lets say I'm spot repairing an old degraded waste pipe and my cut came out a little less than perfect;) and I don't have any mission couplings to go from metal to plastic, I usually coat the inside of the coupling with some wax from a toilet wax ring... always works for me. If your PVC Glue fittings are leaking at the joint though that is another problem, You will probably have to re-glue each fitting which means sanding clean, priming, and gluing again. I always 1/4 turn the fitting onto the end of the pipe before the glue sets to ensure an even coat and to prevent leaks. Goodluck -S0uP


First I know how to grow, several systems under my belt, CCH2O surpasses anything I have ever used ..period
I have 5 CCH2O systems -3- 4 sites and -2- 6 sites
LEAKS here is what I found
The systems I bought were used / traded in for larger systems
When I bought them from a dealer, I ordered all new bulkhead seals and had some leak issues
several reasons, first the holes in some... of the buckets were 4" The holes for bulkhead fittings they should be 3 7/8"
1/8" makes a big difference, but can be overcome ... 4" holes are for uniseals, I "believe" correct me if I am wrong.
I had a spare, new bulkhead fitting, no tube, set the bucket on a bench, good light screwed it together and bingo ..
It made sense to me.. it is EXACT or nothing, gonna leak .
I fixed all of leaks, even with the "oversized" holes First follow their instructions, leave nuts loose, slide a piece of 3/4" tubing, we all have a mile of it slightly hold the end of the pipe, connector or manifold up so you are not trying to center it by feel, tighten a little wiggle a little tighten snug and they all... sealed, filled with water set for 2 days not a drop ...

That all said let me note... the wax ring seal is brilliant, love it.

SILICONE... I am retired restoration contractor, go into your bathroom, or any place where silicone has been used
it leaks, may be 2 years but look, around windows, see the little black mold, water has got under it, it will fail, period
ok "can live with that, so scrape it out, now replace it, oh, guess what the new stuff will not bond to the old stuff like you assumed. oh I will use something else, ... you will never, ever get anything to seal or bond to that area again..
I had commercial buildings, hotel lobbies, example, who ran a bead of silicone around base boards and marble floors
It permeates anything, everything, use latex or anything else


I know the plumbers putty says it cant be used on plastic, but what kind of effects are we talking about? The pipe degrading and failing 5 years sooner than it would have if you didn't apply the putty or catastrophic failure within a short period of time? If its going to barely affect the life or operation of the product then slap some putty around the drains and call it done.


I have had a similar issue in the past with DIY UC style system. I used a two pac expoxy weld for marine or leaking water tanks. As long as the leak pressure isn't high at the point of application you can even apply to moist surfaces. This will harden rigid as fuck so if you bump the bucket you have to use enough that the seal has to hold

Hope that helps
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