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mack 10

mack 10


Solo's Stash x Biker Kush.

Holla all Farm crew! Thought I'd throw up a new thread, so here we go...
Lost all my keeper moms!
I'd kept them religiously since 2010.
Sucks major balls but onwards an upwards...

So I need to find some new keepers from my seed collection. (which, luckily is pretty big)
Here's what we have germinating/ already up.

Gorilla Glue x Chem '91
Chemdog D x Chem '91
ECSD x Chitrali
Psychosis Bx1
Abusive Blues (fem)
Hindu Kush '97 x Lavender
Solo's Stash x Biker Kush
Strawberry Banana Cream
Auto Sour D ( on test)
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Burned Haze

^ Man I love your strain choices! I would give my left nut for some ;)

* Gorilla Glue x Chem '91 = I would love to try that, I have 10+ packs of GG crosses I'm waiting to try! GG4 is the bomb-treasure ( besides it's weak support)
* Strawberry Banana Cream = DNA Genetics? if so Crockett’s Banana Kush x strawberry pheno of bubblegum ? ( sounds tasty)

* the plant that has red vines might just be water-temp sensitive or overwatering. overall some pheno's are weaker/sensitive towards numerous things ( thats why the grower needs to pick the best overall plant for them) , Look at so many times the weakest and most bitchy is the keeper cause of the unique traits of the bud

anyways looks like you got a great start and awesome strain picks , SO good luck on your pheno hunt/treasure harvest ... Subbed for the future and then some
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mack 10

mack 10

The SBC I got from Karma, I will ask him what the exact genetics are, I know he used the DNA strain but am unsure what he did with it.

The red veins are from the Chitrali parent.
(but your also correct that this can sometimes be caused by overwater, too cold or P lock out)
mack 10

mack 10

Well seems Mr Mouse went and got some reinforcement from the slugs and birds..
it's all out war over here..
check out the carnage...
first two picks are Hindu kush x Lavender.


Alpha Dawg absolutely destroyed.
Seems the didn't much care for my
ECSD x Chitrali as they where untouched.

Going to add some Stardawg x Chem '91.
and to replace those Auto Sours I have some ECSD S1's which are about to get wet.

This time I won't leave them unattended outside..
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