Searching For Cbd Extraction Contractor 1 To 10 Tons

Dear sir /madam,

We are looking for a company that is able to extract CBD oil from raw, not processed industrial hemp, coming straight from the land. Amount is 5.000-10.000kg.

Are you interested and capable of doing extraction for large quantities of hemp that we will provide to you? The earliest the better and I believe we could be able to ship the hemp to your company by end of this week.

Some detailed questions:
- Are you able to separate the leaves and flowers from the stems and branches with some sort of machine, probably a shaking one that has a sieve?
- If not, could you help to find a pre-processing company to do this?

I would greatly appreciate it if you could contact me about this on my cellphone +351 932560831 (I am physically in Portugal at the moment).

Thank you in advance.

Tapio Maki
200 a lb to trim, multiply that by 20,000.. then, he wants to do an extraction on the whole load.. a million isn't gonna cut it, and was extremely conservative
Have you ever processed 10 tons of herb. That'd where
Can't say I have processed 10 ton of weed 1 things for sure it won't be done with scissors lol and imo 1 million is ridiculous call it 20k for 4 machines each will do 2kg each sitting then there just wages and transport so on your theory it's guna cost $980.000
I said process, I never said scissors. You need laborers to run the machines.. you really don't have a clue. 2 pounds at a time. Ok so a thousand loads through 4 machines.. THEN YOU HAVE TO DO THE EXTRACTION. you really are uniformed, if you think you could trim 20 thousand pounds for less than a mil. 20k multiplied by even $1000 a pounds comes out to 20 million dollars.. yes you will spend 5% on harvesting. And another 20-30% having an extraction performed..
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