Second grow: Gorilla Glue #4 auto.

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Awesomeness Bro! You did great on your first grow and wow, you got your $ worth!

I did a lot of reading and ultimately decided on RDWC. Had some challenges along the way for the first time but got some great help here at the Farm, got me to the finish line. Here is a link to that grow if you are interested in checking it out. I had started out using the same nutes you are using but had issues so switched mid stream. Won't be going back to AN but I do know their system works for some, just not for me.

Started my 2nd hydro around the first of October and things are cruising along well so far, still learning but getting the hang of it.



Day 27:

One more day left of week 4! Getting pumped for the stretch and the start of bud stacking time. Today I checked the reservoir it creeped up to 6.1PH I dropped it back down to 5.9. I’m not to sure how I like this NuteTools PH/Temp/PPM pen. The cheap Amazon ones I have seem to be more reliable, but I will stick it out for this run.

I also did some extensive LST this morning it has been several days since the last torture session and they really needed it if I am going to keep this grow under control and fitting in my space.

I feel these plants don’t even look like or act like the same strain. Amy is far las bushy, with way smaller fan leaves than Rose. Also a lot lighter in color. I am wondering if they are even the same strain. My last run they were the same strain but severely different phenos. One was a good 1.5 feet taller than the other after stretch. Take a look see what you guys think. These seeds are from growers choice as were my last runs seeds. Next run I am going with some seeds man stains I have lying around.

Well enough if the boring stuff time for my bad photography…

Day 27 Amy side and top pre LST
45644225 9CAD 4962 8610 AED77F1F9B98

E85F6BAD 9D1C 4897 809D 13C94411DE98

Day 27 Rose side and top pre LST:
AE8CB865 1957 47F8 AE59 697AD1B7B941

58DDEE45 875C 448C 84E4 64999F0F7452

Day 27 Garden:
FD1C7B90 D36C 4A97 BCC2 2C087DBB04ED

Day 27 Amy post LST and I snapped another branch ugh!:
D2994B0B 821F 40CF A0A3 0807751ED223

7561005C 2C3A 4CD9 949D C3CBB17B0F1A

Day 27 Rose post LST:
3CB549B7 8E48 4A45 A208 263E610F763A

Day 27 Garden post LST and new exhale bag. Also some pistils on Amy:
6E6BB114 FEA9 45B7 9330 70166542E5E2

6BD397AD F41B 4692 98E1 96D99C5E8D2C

Well that’s all folks! 🐷 Check back for more updates!



I will check out this grows now thanks for the links. Also I am and have used GH for all my vegging for both runs. I used AN for the last month or so of my last grow because I had to go out of town and the PH Perfect tech they have works awesome for being able to leave a steady reservoir for a week or more. But it is super expensive. I will probably use up what I have left of my AN flowering nutes this run towards the last month or so of flowering since I have them lying around.


Cool, you want some more AN? I have some leftovers and don't know what to do with them. Pay the shipping and they're yours if you want them.



Yeah I need or can use any that can be used for coco… let me know what you got!! Thanks in advance( pun intended)


OK, so yea, I forgot they have a coco blend. I don't think mine is that.

I just looked and what I have is Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom and most of the additives that come in their starter pack. Most of the bloom formulas are gone because I was changing out my res ever 2-3 days and then everyday at the end. There is still a lot of the grow part a and b because I didn't have real problems until I was in flower.


Day 28:

No real update today other than a good reservoir disinfecting and cleaning and refill. I am going to stay with 12g of my late veg nute solution for this refill. If I have the room I’ll make 6 extra gallons of my flip to pistils formula and put that in too. And every top off from now until after stretch will be of that solution. I think maybe around 2 weeks or so… if anyone wants my nute ratios just holler.

No pictures other than from my tent cam

Day 28 Tent cam:
D75DEC54 607E 498B BEEE 3B25D499292C

Happy growing all!


Good afternoon everyone. Starting week 5.

Today marks what I am calling day 1 of flower. It’s hard to say when flower/flip starts with autos for me, but, I have spotted more than a couple pistils on both plants. Both also seem to be starting the stretch phase so I am calling it flip day.

A few changes that I am making starting today are:
1: I cleaned and refilled my reservoir last night with 12 gallons of late veg nutes. From here on out I’ll be topping off the res with a flip to pistil solution and run that for about a week or until I start seeing some more pistils.
2: I’ll be setting up my scrog net this week at some point. I am planning on tucking stems during the entire stretch hopefully, if I can keep up with it.

Now that it is getting cold here and our heat is starting to be used in the house I have noticed my humidity which I kept at 60-62% is now been holding at about 56%. Should I use a humidifier at this point? Or will they be fine at a lower RH like this?

I also raised my lights about as high as they go and adjusted them to give the plants about 500-550 PPFD. Eyeballing the light I would say they are about 3ft from the canopy or so. Since they are 450w in a 2.3ft x 2.3ft tent I only have to turn them up to 35-40% so far. They give literally edge to edge coverage lmao…

Anyway! Welcome to the flower portion of this thread!!!


Day 29:

Basically, I briefly checked in on the plants and they wil need some LST today. No reservoir adjustments needdd today it was sitting at a perfect 6PH nice cool temps and about 650-670PPM.

Thinking about defoliating a little again today. Think this is wise? I did a lot of light defoliation sessions my first grow and it seemed to work ok on those plants.

Not the best pics as usual but here they are today.

Day 29 Amy side and top:
548B339A 2D54 4588 927D 3403A6A81E0A
18EE02FC AB2C 4F8A A99F 002D6DD06639

Day 29 Rose side and top:
3B4F9A4E 8B66 4338 984B 81C3F58FF99B

1BF22021 20E4 4B96 8F73 0C9F708773AD

Day 29 Garden:
30BC2640 B1C4 4776 BC32 8D8B12A0C62E

Trying to figure out how high to put my scrog net, I know I can raise and lower it before I start weaving through it. Also I think I am going to use two 4” nets on the bottom doubled up. One is strong and one is elastic. This way I will have smaller and more openings for shoots.

Cheers all! Have a great afternoon. It’s taco Tuesday as well!!!



This is what I have on hand… if you have any of the bloom amendments not shown I’ll for sure buy them. I.E. Budcandy, sensizyme, nirvana, etc.. I have enough of the parts A and B for a few months so I’ll probably switch to these mid flower or so.

2F7C974F EE09 4BA1 8AB3 D31EDE0B31CC


Day 30 and my day 2 of flower.

I did some of what will probably be the last LST I’ll do and some light defoliation this morning I have before and after pics. I think I’ll setup the scrog nets sooner than later. I’m just to heavy handed for LST… lol Seems a lot easier to just tuck and weave through a tent.

Question/Issue help please: One issue today when I checked my reservoir this morning it was sitting at like 4.8PH and the PPM went up a bit to almost 700PPM. I think I have a bacteria bloom or something. Which really sucks because I just cleaned and filled it. Not sure what to do about it so I adjusted the PH, andded some H2O2 and I’ll run as much of it as I can through the plants today. I’ll have to redo all the cleaning and disinfecting soon. Does anyone know if I’m doing the right thing or is there a process? Should I dump what’s there?

Beyond all that we are just rocking on and waiting for some flowers to form.

Day 30 Amy top and side pre LST:
D5225359 6CA3 4909 9ADD ED25D990FF7D

F1255175 1A1B 4544 AC35 83A19CACAA22

Day 30 Amy top and side post LST:
43BF7DAE 0F3E 4E1A 905E AEAA7A9D752A

BCE307C7 B00A 40D8 9DBB 1FCEC0EC3008

Day 30 Rose top and side pre LST:
2E26BCBF E91C 4365 968C 3CD15244E4DE

1C7DF41D F90E 4EC0 AB11 141C94466BF6

Day 30 Rose top and side post LST:
469B64D7 FCA3 45C4 A618 CB2C65A0E157

33767DED CE3A 44A8 B2C4 AE72BDBB49CB

Day 30 Garden pre and post LST:
D9874591 C5FD 4C5D 9FCF D1AD07161407

A80FCF17 017F 49AF 91C0 9FB2CE87E3B8

Day 30 Some pistils :)
E0EC4079 A52D 40A1 B44B DDBC29139089


Day 32:

So I added my first round of scrog nets, and yes I used two… last grow I used the larger diameter stretchy one. I found that to not give a ton of resistance during stretch. So this time I put in the cheap string one first nice and tight and then the stretchy on top. I think this will give me a larger number of holes and places to bend the stems under. I have another stretch net if needed later as well.

Still haven’t topped off or re-cleaned my reservoir. It has like a day or two before its empty anyway. So I have been just making sure the PH is on point a couple times a day. I’ll probably do the cleaning and refill tomorrow with a flower transitioning nute solution.

Amy is pretty late to the early flower/pistil party, but she is out stretching Rose. Rose has been getting more and more pistils everyday but no real bud forming yet. I’m holding introducing some flower nutes to Amy since Rose NEEDS them will help.

Anyway here are some pics from the last few days.

Amy Day 31:
698960CA 3DED 4251 B8AD D281E1BD1CB6

BEFEA492 FAD0 4962 9715 D726B8326F24

Rose day 31:
02F48A3D 084F 4D76 B2BF 4EF1A8A9E57F

4730674E 7C43 4A00 8A68 B1F97792FFB5

Garden days 31-32 with scrog:
0CA5DE9F AD60 4A7B 9E48 F4427554ED74

46B4AA48 01EE 4B81 BDC4 280763966793

6CEFD4D4 7F2F 4C17 BC8A 2A6A26BBA7EB

27975694 7902 411C 90FB 29BC380DEE9B

7A69D70C DF3F 4BA8 91A6 56816EE8D66D

Anywho… that’s all I got for today.


Hi all.. Day 35 and last day of week 1 of flower…

Not a ton to report. I have been just doing my daily scrog duties and maintaining my reservoir and a little light defoliation here and there.. just waiting for the stretch to finish then it should be mostly on autopilot after that until harvest.

Yup about 8 weeks or more left to go… tick tick ⏰

I’ll do individual plant pic again once they are truly budding, well maybe a few before then. 🤪🤷🏻‍♂️🤓

Day 35 side and top scrog:
B7B21FFF B39E 4C5E AA7E F9FA52772971

45A40738 8EFB 403A 8D48 8A8A08552A79

If these were not LST’d they would already be taking up half my vertical space.. let’s see how this stretch ends up.

Last grow two plants of the same strain supposedly were so different. One was about 5ft and the other only 3 trying to keep that to a minimum this time as much as I can.
38C1DEBC B2BD 4F8B 8ED2 BAE0211460FF

35718EEB AF8D 411F 81D0 535389E3840B


Hi all!

Well yesterday was the start of week two from what I’m calling the flip or for me I just call it the start of flower. Hard to judge with autos… especially two different phenos.

Day 36 week 2 of flower:
Today was pretty tame, adjusted reservoir to 5.9PH. I tucked the plants under the scrog as best I could, I am running out of room so I might just have to let them start working vertically. I also did some defoliation today, mainly to open up the centers just a bit. I think I am going to have another staggered harvest this grow. Rose is showing more and more pistils, where Amy just isn’t. Amy seems to really really want to stretch. Last but not least I upped my lights to about 625 PPFD.

Day 36 scrog side and top before light defoliation.
23BC0CC5 4886 4C05 8F59 3D677ED3D4C1

9603824F 0048 4D5A A773 41F72FE64B7B

0CA2B884 720D 4802 B573 B977E2C0A93E

588EB0ED 3DD0 47D1 8CF6 5525DECF4C04

A2B1F008 A08B 4A6A 8F22 2289CA20EF90

Day 37:
Did a little more leaf and scrog tucking today. Also, made sure my reservoir was within PH range. Adjusted from 6.1 to 5.9PH. I am still not seeing much in the pistil department on Amy so she will get tucked a bit longer perhaps. Rose has new pistils everyday so I am thinking she might be good to let go vertically.

Day 37 Scrog side and top before the daily tuck, with misc roots and macro of rose…
296B1694 4560 4FF3 A4B9 C5909B8E7704

75C9B339 5C58 45EC BDF0 ABB7AD1C4AE1

BC64C86A D4ED 45AD A822 F39ACAB338A1

AD80037A 660A 4DDC 8205 F8198B42026A

Well that’s is it for today, please leave any comments, advice, encouragement, or criticisms you might have. I’m open for discussion and to see some grow comparisons. Cheers all and have a great day!



I found some pistils on Amy but man they are like 5 times smaller than Rose. I had to go macro on this one. You can see how small it is compared to the scrog netting behind it… I’m interested to see what kind of flowers this plant will produce.

10DC5174 5C06 405D B9C0 C1AFDC0BCB15

85EBE61A E45E 47FD B805 EBB690050DFE


.Day 38: well I’m still tucking both plants at this point. Pulled a few under leaves as well. I refilled the reservoir with early flower nutes today as well. 12 gallons at 650PPM and 5.8PH. Lights are at 650PPFD.

Day 39: had to top off the reservoir, so I did it with early flower nutes. PPM 650 PH 5.8. Did some scrofulous tucking and that’s about it.

Day 39 Scrog side and top and some pistil macros…

F07F68F6 52BF 4AA6 B461 DB7635988A35

4F167B56 3D5E 4630 B887 F71CA1673774

D8C2CD00 D8C5 4DF4 A571 BCF2FB80A8CE

4A3308DB 6FD6 42DB 936E EC2DAC3D9131


Well we are into the start of week 3 of Flip/Flower. Not a ton to report other than some pretty good growth and me running out of horizontal room in the tent 🤪. I’ve graduated the reservoir to 100% early flower nutes. The top off today will be the last top off of early flower, I will be introducing a mid flower recipe next time.

Amy is still not in full bloom yet and her pistils are half the size and girth as Roses. Such a weird plant. I think I will have to harvest each separately again like I did last grow.

I do love seeing the scrog netting bowing from the force of the plants growing 🤓. I am probably going to have to put my second one up in a week or so.

Anyway here are some pictures over the last couple days.

Day 41:
F35FCA02 9FA7 47FF BD33 BCE7C965B712

003360BE 9A34 409E 8D02 0069F95FC69A

Amy day 41:
F35A2F91 0381 491C A8A7 3471EFCD1433

E9A44BBB C9D6 4D9B BE93 670172B29256

Rose day 41:
6DB331EB BEEC 4DA1 BB54 8FF2EB2891A2

D69C8C06 1E4D 4D42 A7E4 04730CFC3FC1

Day 42:
1605A42B 49B1 4821 8F16 0E4005EA47EB

37B2F193 95AE 43F0 B0B0 510FB0923CC6

3EAE1F25 8CEB 4734 82B0 EA3E679DD595

3BA36596 6E2B 4800 9FC6 F47EC108485F

CD4334F0 579F 4BB9 83AF 2D220882B8B5
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Welll a quick update at the start of what I think is the beginning of the 4th week of flower or when I first saw pistils. As these are autos so hard to say really.

We will start with chores to start out this week. Yesterday was day 48 and I cleaned and disinfected my reservoir and any other equipment. I refilled my rez with early flower nutes. PPM 650 PH 5.9

Today day 49 I removed my exhaust fan and filter from inside the tent. This allowed me to raise my lights to the very top giving me another 8 or so inches of space between the plants and the lights. Amy was getting really close already and since this exact thing happened last grow I wanted to get it done before Amy starts packing flowers. Lights at the top of Amy are at a PPFD of around 850, giving rose about, 650-700.

Day 49 light and fan moving:
6168C87C F3B0 4897 86BB 515AF41060E4

805E2AD7 555C 4D59 B6AB 415A619B89AA

With that being said Amy still isn’t packing yet, even though it really looks like she wants to start. She is about 2.5 feet above the scrog net. She is getting early flower nutrients anyway because I have to also keep Rose happy.

Amy day 48-49:
6398B61A 51B4 4EAC BE20 019991D16C87

C59A182D B8C6 4F16 980A BA4532A13A57

99DE04F0 220E 4E23 A960 9C5AFA11D0B1

Rose is flowering pretty well. Starting to see trichomes developing on the leaves and she is starting to smell a bit. The smell is sweet right now and a little earthy.

Rose day 49:
63C39C00 9068 4642 80C9 A0DA58017B61

6DA4336C C445 47D1 9202 541D905F2AD6

All in all I think everything is going as well as it can and I am mostly on autopilot right now. The only thing I wish for is for Amy to start packing some flowers and stop stretching. Even though the bigger she is hopefully the bigger the yield. Again, this is what happened my last grow any how…

Well that’s all I have for now. I might try to make a Timelapse of the last month or so. Since I had to move my camera when I moved my lights.

Cheers comrades and have a good grow!


Rose is starting to get some frost already.

Day 50: a couple shots of one of Roses flowers and a full shot of her as well.

6614E0CE 4EAF 4662 A549 AAF9DBE75251

C648851F 01A3 4E5A A3D6 52436FF7F5E8

525074CD E567 4E80 BAD2 80AE30DBABFE
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