Seed Germination light question (Glue Sniffer)

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I popped 2 Mendocino Twenty20 Glue Sniffer seeds that I bought from ChiTown seeds. Soaked them in water for 18 hours, then into a wet paper towel for 2 days. They look good with about a 1" taproot.

Anyway I put them in a 6 inch square pot full of coco and set them off to the side in my veg tent. Currently I have a Blackdog phytomax-2 600 at max height in that tent. Will the light be too much if I put the pots directly under the light? If I leave the pots off to the side will the seedlings bend too much? Any advice is appreciated!




This is a common area of debate. some say no light, some do 24 hours of light.

Personally, I started mine right away on a 18/6 light cycle. Right at Seedling and they are doing great.

I keep the light about 2 ft above the plants

The general rule is, if the light is burning your hand, then its burning your plant (hold your hand in 2ft under the light for 10seconds as a test)


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