Seed orders

So many breeders . Who to trust? Nervous about ordering seeds for many reasons. Can somebody out there ease my mind. When you order are you on some kind of list. And is it safe. I need to get growing. Thank you in advance.


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For the most part seeds have been safe to order for as long as I can remember. I’ve been ordering seeds since 2001 and have only once received the dreaded USPS confiscation letter. If that happens just contact the company you bought them from and they’ll usually reship. Not a big deal imo. As to who you can trust, that’s up to you. Do your research and find what fits your taste and grow environment.
As far as my knowledge extends there is nothing illegal about selling cannabis seeds (in Canada). The illegal part is planting and growing it depending on where you live. I have received seeds from a couple company's that first pop up when you search on google, no problems. Usually comes in a vial