Seedling just shriveled up and died..

I planted three in some soil -

1) Is Looking So Sweet Man, where you can just tell she is going to be a sweet sweet plant..
2) Has Grown Three Cotyledon and three first true leaves.. - looks Weird but so intriguing at the same time..
3) The Third Was Growing fine and then i checked this morning on them and it's shriveled up and looks way gone..

It may just bounce back or not..

what you think people?

Gotta watch for Damping-off disease with seedlings. It's a fungus, I believe, that affects seedlings. They'll look healthy on minute, then limp over & die. Hope it's not ur case. Good luck n vibes!

baba G

bean sprouts are tasty
might have overwatered them....did you feed them anything? Any food at a sensitive stage combined with overwatering would do it, but mainly overwatering and lack of light would be my guesses based on what you've told us.


Fear Not!
Ive had a few shrivel up on me recently ..
after they dry out from the initial soaking before planting, I water them from the bottom.
That seems to prevent the damping off
I figure maybe the soil was too hot for some of the weaker ones? (black gold)
Or..I killed em some other way..i dont know


Fear Not!
I always put my dirt in a container and water the medium then put a index finger hole an inch deep and put sprouted bean in. Then I water with a spray bottle or pour water in the bottom of the tray until the seedling can take a watering without any damage.
thats exacly how I do it (pour water in the tray)
Aligeee..told me that trick :)....and get it real wet and drain before the seed goes in

years ago, my wife used strings to wick water for small african violet plants
thanks..I water from the yeah the top is dry
They do look pretty dry on top. Please believe, I am not knocking you for using your method at all @caregiverken. I used it once back in the day all the way through a grow and even though I achieved decent results, I feel that I could have exceeded them, had I just watered from the top. I usually mist with a spray bottle to water seedlings. Also, I believe that even though the water will wick up through the soil a little, it is not as effective as watering from the top. I only believe this because your roots do not want to travel to dry parts of the soil, which, in turn, slows down overall growth. More roots equal more foliage. When you water from top to bottom, with gravity's help, the water will disperse throughout the medium, leaving very few, if any, dry pockets. To each, his/her own. Positive vibes...



Fear Not!
I just like to wait so i dont get dampened off
Dry top = no Dampin off

Thats probably what happened to the OP's seedlings

But, I misted em good with the hose this morning :)
and took them out of the greenhouse into the direct sun