Seedlings Deformation please I need help :(

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Hey there! My second time grow here, done the first one with CFL's and random seeds... was a mess.

Now i got Pure Power Plant Auto and WDH Auto seedlings from White Label, but the 2 of them have curled up leaves (i wasnt at home for like 3 days and tempreture was 27C (80F) constant for 3 days) and the other have lighter green tones (could it be nitrogen deficiency this early? (Its been 5 - 7 days from sprout) what could be the problem? Please i need help :(

Soil:Coco Mix
300W (125 actual) all spectrum LED
Humidity: 50 - 55
The temprature was around 27C(80F) for 3 day ass i wasnt at home.. :(
Nutrient 0.4ml /L Biozbizz RootJuice

The light schedule was 20/4 but since i've seen the curled up issue i've changed to 18/6 now


raise your light and/or dim it. a lot for now, they need to recover some. seedlings dont need that much light, basically, seedlings dont need much of anything but some moisture in the air and some good dirt to shoot its roots into. mostly they are making roots at this point, so watering right is crucial. google it and you will see what i mean.

good luck! have fun with it!
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