Seedlings Growing Slowly, I'm A Noob

Hello everyone,
I set up my first grow in a small tent Indoors, my 2 plants are about 14 days since they sprouted up from the soil. But they seem slow in growing I feel.
I use a 60w drawing led panel and a 20w drawing bulb with a wider spectrum. I'm waiting on a better light to come in. I've been careful not overwater and use a regular organic potting soil.

Is it possible that my plants need more blue light? And are my lamps too close?
They look pretty good for a first timer..they do grow reasonably slower in media than hydro.they are just establishing themselves...have you a mini oscilating fan to stimulate air movement.that will help strengthen there stems.not directly at them.just a gently breeze is plenty..

Cheers max
I have a small usb fan blowing air through the tent, so I have that covered I think. They are autoflowers which I forgot to mention, I'll just have a bit more patience
Sorry for annoying you with this, but me second plant is suddenly having some issues, the leaves feel less soft and some are curling on the edges, here's a foto.
second foto is my bigger girl with her better light setup