Setting up new room have some questions..

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What up outwest. Good luck on the build. I would go with mine split cause they are the most efficient. better than Excell. I have the mr slim and love it . 21 seer inverter. If you need info on them pm me. I know a good install guy who has done alot for people on the farm and he can also get you a good price too.

I got one of those cap co2 via a tip from green thumb danny. I replaced my other one after getting this one.

what up bro! I think I have the mini split all worked out but still considering what the hell to do for the co2 situation in the small space?! I have the installation covered as well.

Hope the pup enjoyed the t bone steak the other day and you both are well :)


Oh come on now different strokes for different folks. I need that sloppy jon goodness just wild and crazy. Im a little older than you may think but you couldnt tell it by looking at me either..

So for me currently have all things decided except aaws vs gavitas???!! someone with experience please.
Im gonna go with the gavitas in my new spot as i just think they are the best technology out right now,plan is for 4 1ks and two leps(eventually,their pricey!)per 12x12 room.The philips DE bulb is the shit and only loses like 5 percent per YEAR and does not have the issues prevalent in many other bulbs,its really kind of a no brainer for me,Gavita built their setup around that bulb for a reason.Also its no more expensive than a ballast/reflector /bulb combo that you would buy otherwise really.


The cabinet has gotten a little cold a couple of nights so well see how that works out. If it doesnt I have another round of the 2 keepers to put in the new room or where ever with all the new space.

For the room Im going with gavitas, the room is up and the mini split being installed now..


Thing is paid 300$ a piece and the savings in bulbs alone in a years time will pay for the units itself if the 95% par after a year holds. I have the room mapped with some cool specs of light spacing and other wild details from gavita really pumped to be dialed to a T. Be looking for a perpetual log of good piffery to come.
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