Shady's Moment of Clarity... Under Current: Cultured Solutions

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Chillin' in the Shade...
Shady's Moment of Clarity... Under Current: Cultured Solutions
New Farm Layout, Album, Thread, Cuts, and Nutrients... Let's get this party started right...​

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(Hook: Chris Brown)
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Shady's Arena...
This thread's primary focus is on my progress using the Under Current and results with Cultured Solutions. Additionally, this thread will also highlight my other two light setups. I'll start with the shady details on all three bloom areas in the arena...​
1. Sub-Current Culture
Equipment: Under Current System 6, 8 gallon buckets, 8" net pots, 8" heavy harvest lids with port holes, Pond Master AP-60, JBJ Artica 1/10 HP Chiller, Danner Mag-Drive Pump​

Lighting: 1000 W Hortilux Super HPS, 1000W Quantum Digital Dimmable Ballast, Magnum XXXL 6” AC Hood, ThermoFlo Insulated Duct, 8” Max Fan, Can 50 Carbon Filter, plus miscellaneous equipment and parts​

Medium: Hydroton and Water​

Nutrients: Cultured Solutions (UC Roots, CS Veg A & B, CS Bloom A & B, CS Bud Booster), CalMag

2. Organic Soil Hand Watered

Equipment: Smart Pots plus two Humboldt Wholesale 2'x4' trays​

Lighting: 600 W Hortilux Super HPS, 600W Lumatek Digital Dimmable Ballast, HydroFarm Xtra Sun 6" AC Hood, ThermoFlo Insulated Duct, 6" to 8" y-adapter to 8" max fan​

Medium: Roots Organic potting soil cut with 10% Chunky Perlite #4​

Nutrients: PBP Grow, PBP Bloom Soil, CalMag, N.U.T.S., Drip Clean, Roots Excelurator, Great White, Pro-Tekt, HammerHead, MOAB, Bud Candy, Unsulfured Molasses​

3. Coco DTW
Equipment: Smart Pots, 3'x3' Botanicare Tray, West Coast Growers Drip Manifold, Sentinel MDT-1, Active Aqua 40 gph pump​

Lighting: 600 W Hortilux Super HPS, 600W HydroFarm Magnetic Ballast, HydroFarm Xtra Sun 6" AC Hood with Heat Shield, 4" Organic Air Charcoal Fiber Filter, 6" to 4" adapter to 4" inline exhaust fan​

Medium: B'cuzz Coco cut in a 1:1 ratio with Chunky Perlite #4​

Nutrients: H&G Coco A & B, CalMag, N.U.T.S., Drip Clean, Roots Excelurator, Great White, Pro-Tekt, HammerHead, MOAB, Bud Candy, Unsulfured Molasses​

Now that the summary specs are out of the way, let's focus on the Under Current and Cultured Solutions...​
UC Cultured Solutions 1.jpg

UC Cultured Solutions 2.jpg

Under Current R15-1.JPG

Under Current R15-2.JPG

Under Current R15-3.JPG

Under Current R15-4.JPG

Under Current R15-5.JPG

A quick look at the adjacent organic soil side and ducting for both light setups which exhaust through the 8" Max Fan and into the Can 50 Carbon Filter...​
Under Current R15-6.JPG

Under Current R15-7.JPG

Back to the UC filled with RO...​
Under Current R15-8.JPG
Upgrade to the 8" heavy harvest lids with port holes...​
Under Current R15-9.JPG
Water level marked on the 8" heavy duty net pots and cuts will be planted above this line...​
Under Current R15-10.JPG
Back in business with bubbles...​
Under Current R15-11.JPG

Under Current R15-12.JPG

And finally monocropped with six Skywalker OG cuts...​
Under Current R15-13.JPG
Veg begins on 5/7/12 with the 1 kW HPS dimmed to 500W, and 40 gallons of RO chilled to 68 deg F with the following mix...​
1st Reservoir Mix with 40 gal RO​
(amounts in ml/gal)​
CalMag: 1​
UC Roots: 2​
CS Veg A: 2​
CS Veg B: 2​
pH: 6.00​
PPM: 228​

P.S. Many thanks to Dan and everyone at Current Culture, my fellow farmers who have helped me through the last 3 yrs of growing, and all the lurkers in the cuts... :cool:


Chillin' in the Shade...
Tuned in! May the Force be with you!
Thx for the support Shane!

Love it dawgy! Good to see you knocking shit out! What u runnin this round?
Whaddup bud! Thx for the kind words... I'm monocropping the UC for the first time and running all Skywalker OG. I've also got quite a few beans to pop, but I'm about to flip the following cuts from the soil side which is temporarily in my 3rd light setup, and then move them next to the UC after the Skywalker OG cuts are vegged for about a month...

gangSTAR bruh nice n clean
Thx brah! I'm feelin' fresh in the building...

Round 14... Roots Organic

Before I post up the veg shots of Round 14, I'd like to say that I finally hit 19 oz under the 600W HPS during the last round in Roots Organic. I also hit over a lb in the UC, so I did decently without supplemental CO2 or a dedicated grow room AC other than the house AC... In any event the following shots were taken over the last week or so after a month of veg where I topped once and then supercropped every 3 days... These plants were also transplanted to 3 gal Smart Pots a day before these shots...
Roots Organic R14-1.JPG

Roots Organic R14-2.JPG

Then I cut all of the tallest shoots for clones...
Roots Organic R14-3.JPG

A quick shot after immediately taking cuttings...
Roots Organic R14-4.JPG

And finally a couple lights out shots a week later...
Roots Organic R14-5.JPG

Roots Organic R14-7.JPG

P.S. The Roots Organic lineup is White Fire #3, Ghost OG, Plum Princess, White S1 (Pheno #7), White Stardawg, and Strawberry Bubba... Many thanks to my friend for getting me back in action... :cool:


Super clean setup as usual Shady, can't wait to see it all play out...


Premium Member
Looking good Shady, very tidy. Over a lb with a 600 is doing pretty well if you ask me. I hope everything is going sweet for you and yours, take care



Awesome! Gonna be a Shady Production for sure! Lookin great Shady, as always. Gonna be killer thread.
deep buddy

deep buddy

ill be lurkin for sure really nice to have all of those different styles. im sure its alot of work but its worth it. good lineup.


I'll be subbed for the show, shady- you have lots of good threads so far, I'm takin' notes...
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