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Garden of Dreams Seed Co
the pics arent comming out the way i want them to due to shear amount of pollen on them they lost their sheen, but maybe this is why "other" breeders dont take shots during the process here at the farm we arent about just macros, we show everything try to keep it as transparent as we can with out causing security issues!


nice field o me some classic bubba...think ill roll some right now...thanks for all the pics garden of dreams is a good dude and from what im seeing his work looks unique and interesting, lookin forward to a drop...peace


love the pic's norcal some sick one's bro.. that afghani put's out some nice nug's ... hey norcal got any pic's of your god's gift's ???? got another question wat are you addin to the afghan cross that you made ??? more wood to the fiyahhh.. lol... simply sick lookin plant.. bless G.O.D krew
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