Should I Build A Grow Room?

I'm thinking of building a grow room and wondering if it's worth the effort?

If you have seen my threads, you probably already know what my current setup is but I'll put it out there again:

all in an unheated/unfinished basement the gets in the upper 50s in the winter and upper 70s in the summer.

4x4 mother(in dirt)/clone tent with HLG-65 4000K LEDs
4x4 veg tent with a platinum p600 LEDs and a 6 bucket rdwc hydro setup, no ventilation
4x8 bloom tent with 900+ watts of COBs and a 6 bucket rdwc hydro setup, 6" exhaust, no scrubbing

My question: is it worth building a sealed room in my basement.
I'm assuming the only reason to do this would be to better control the environment.

In the summer, my bloom tent usually stays in the area of 85 degrees and in the winter around 75 degrees during lights on and drop 10 to 15 degrees during lights off.

Humidity in the winter drops into the 40s, and summer as high as 80(usually in the 60 to 70 range).

My product is very good and my last grow produced over 2 pounds from 6 plants.

Just looking for thoughts, all are welcome...

I should mention that the room can be as small as 10x10 or as large as 16x20( or even larger).
I'm also only on a 100amp home service so I can't go too crazy with the power consumption.

right now, my production well exceeds my consumption/patients
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I like grow rooms with secret entrances :).. the ups to building your own room is; you can build it exactly how you want it, given your space of course, Im unable to come up with any cons of your own build at the moment.. :) b. Cre