Sick near end, when to harvest?

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First-grow. GPS Purple Tahoe. Growing in a 12 gallon airpot, compost, local dirt, coco, vermiculite mix. Two Viparspectra XS1500. Lights are 24" above plant. Beginning week 6 of flower. Currently using MaxiBloom plus a little botanicare Silica Blast and Cal Mag Plus with distilled water. This grow has been an off and on problem from the beginning. I suspect there is something in the local dirt causing a lockout, maybe. In veg grew well for a few weeks, then stopped growing for a month. Did a 20 gallon flush with tap water, then it started growing again. Had pale leaves in veg. It got greener after the flush, then when moved to flower they paled again. This picture shows the same bud over six day interval. Runoff EC has always been high. For example, last feed was 2 gallons at EC 900/PH 5.99. Runoff was EC 1842/PH 7.36. Apera meters that are calibrated. The washed out leaves are mostly at the top and sides. Middle leaves are greener. I suspect light burn, so I have been running the lights at 75%. I just turned down the lights today to 50%. 2.5 x 4.5 x 7 tent 75 degrees F. Low humidity due to where I live, currently between 20-30%.

I've given up trying to fix this because I suspect it is something in the dirt. I'm doing my second grow in CoCo/Perlite and not having any issues. I just want to get this first grow through harvest. My questions are how long to wait or what indicators I should look for before they are too far gone?


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