Side Lighting with LEDs? Question

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I have a luxx pro 646w I’m using right now and I’m in the process of getting another light similar to the luxx to place of the side of it.. so I’ll be running 2 x 645w or maybe another 680w(depending on the light) (the luxx is 645w), BUT I wanted to add additional supplemental lighting for the sides (specifically a LED light bar) .. what are your guys opinions on side lighting or even bottem lighting? I just need to figure out how I would probably mount a long LED bar like this to the poles..

this is my grow right now (1st pic)

the 2nd pic is a copy/paste simulation to paint a clearer picture of what I’m talking about Lol
If I were interested in side lighting I would talk to mr. @One drop; there is no such thing as bottom lighting because plants do not absorb light from the underside of leaves

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