Signs of beginning of Nitrogen Toxicity,

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So basically I've got 4 photo girls going and all of them started showing signs of nitrogen toxicity about 2 days ago. Ve y deep green and clawing. The tiniest bit of neon green on some of the tips, not even noticeable without looking very closely. I'd post pictures but I'm not home until tomorrow and I'm trying to get a game plan going now if possible. But yeah, definitely showing some clawing. I don't over or underwater them. I stay on the ball as far as that goes. Here is where my problem developed, or so I think. I originally planted them in miracle gro potting soil and I know it is known for its delayed nitrogen release. I transplanted them into 5 gallon fabric pots (they were in half gallons) at about 4 weeks and used fox farms ocean forest soil. Since then, I use fox farms trio nutes and stopped using Grow Big when I flipped them and saw beginning of bud development (last week of June). Only feeding once a week, not twice like the grow chart says. I know it's got to be the miracle gro delayed nitrogen causing this because the Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom have very little N, and I only use them once a week. Anyone got any advice on clearing some of that nitrogen out? I've seen tons of different advice but I'd rather get input from peeps who know my exact situation. Yes, I know that miracle gro is a big no no for cannabis but it's a long story, I was in a time crunch, all I had on hand, this that and the other. Won't ever make that mistake again. Indoor grow under mars hydro ts2000 by the way. Cheers for any help from you fine folks. I'll get pictures up tomorrow also.


I’d think with 5 gallons of good dirt, the 1/2 gallon of miracle grow isn’t worth flushing. Unless things are on fire, just reduce your feed strength and skip a feed or two. Flushing is kind of an emergency fix and best avoided. Do you have an TDS/PPM meter? Not sure how accurate it will be with the FF dirt, but tracking PPM up/down trends will help with feeding. By testing your leachate over time you’ll know if your feed needs to go up or down.

Good explanation on Measuring EC of the soil
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