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Hello guys just starting a 1 plant grow I know how to set up all the equipment and little grow room under my stairs I just don’t know how to get started or how close I should have my light to my flower, how to trim or what cycle I should be doing their is two options on the light with built in fan it’s called PHLIZON PHD8 their is also two options on the light/fan bloom and veg.

Any information would be a big help as I am struggling



The lights should be around 28” away.
Trimming is something you do once at harvest time search you tube.

When we trim we take all the big leafs of the plant throw them away and cut of the smaller leaves known as suger leaf’s witch you can keep to make edibles/hash out of. We basically trim the buds so there’s minimum amount of leaf’s on them. That’s ages away from where you are now it’s as said come harvest time.

The plant will go through various stages
Seedlings , veg and flowering

From birth of the seeds a light schedule of 18 hrs on & 6 hrs off that’s the seedlings and veg light schedule

Once the plants are above 4 weeks old It’s ready to go into flower that said you can veg longer I veg for 6 weeks but with one plant some will veg for 3 mths however you need to understand how to veg that long as it includes bending tying down and other forums of lst ( low stress training ) and topping.

You will probably want to learn how to do lst anyways however for now

Once you decide to flower the plant you switch to a 12/12 light schedule.

Is there anything else your stuck on


Gmix my guy🤙🏻
So obviously a longer veg equals more yield?

I will flower at 4 weeks if that’s safe.

What is the best medium to grow in I’ve been reading up on a fue?

Is their any way you can simplify the nutrients I have to give the plant as this also seems complicated, is it nessesery to get a co2 bag for more oxygen.

I’ve also been reading it’s better to grow in a tent over just in a room and do I really need a carbon filter for 1 plant?

Thanks again man your a big help🙏🏻


vegging four weeks is fine

You can veg longer or even less that said 4-6 weeks will see you good.

The best medium is the one that suits you best

Personally I use soil from the hydro shop not the garden centre as the hydro shop stores there’s soil inside away from bugs where as the garden centres store outside and you can end up with a bag on bugs in your soil. I use bio bizz almix.

With soil you don’t need to ph your water the soil it’s self buffers the ph

It’s a total waste of money buying co2 bags anyone who says otherwise has no idea of how much co2 you need to make a difference

Co2 is not needed
Co2 at the right amount of ppm does help plants grow faster however it also comes with it own set of problems and as everything is speed up you get less time to rectify any mistakes
You need tanks of co2 the bags are there to real in new growers and anyone pushing them on you in a hydro store is more interested in thier cut than your grow

Unless you’ve a closet or a basement it’s better to use a tent. You can use a spare room just rem you will need to blackout the windows and that it’s self can have neighbours wondering

You’ll have a very bright light and smell to deal with best to put them in a tent so your not blasting light out for everyone to see. That plus you want to keep the plants bug free and clean.

The carbon filter doesn’t only clean the air it also helps with airflow witch you need and to stop the heat/moisture ( humidity) building up


The best one is the easiest I don’t like bio bizz nutes as they have too many bottles of this that and the other many like it so I am not saying it’s no good.

What you choose is really up to you tbh there’s not much difference between one bottled fert and another bar its price.

During seedling stage we use none there will be enough in the soil for it to get established.
When the plants established and is ready to feed during the veg stage you’d want a grow fert. The number on the bottle like 7.3.3 reflect what amount of npk is in them. The first number is Nitrogen you want a higher n in veg than you do p&k

When your ready to flower for the first two weeks keep using veg fert after two weeks have passed and your ready to switch to a flowering fert you will want a fert higher in p than n or k roughly guide would be 3.8.4

Most bottled ferts have a chart showing the amount to use it’s normal practice to follow the chart at a slightly weaker rate than they say

I use guano witch is a dry fert however there’s no chart still I do find it very easy to use.

All this was will sound complicated with terms your not used to ect really it’s not once you get your hands dirty and have everything set up.

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