Sizing Fogger for DIY geto-humidifier

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Hey farmers, I'm building humidifiers gettogro style with ultrasonic foggers. Can anyone who's used the foggers from mainland mart recommend what size would be big enough to keep me at 65% RH in a sealed room with 6 e papillons in a dry climate?
Herb Forester

Herb Forester

One thing to watch out for is burning out the units if running them constantly. Mainlandmart says its better to alternate multiples on timers. Also dirty and hard water diminish disc life, good to keep spares on hand. I had one unit burn out when a disc ruptured completely, thinking better maintenance could have avoided that cost.


The mainland mart mhs6's clog the fuck out of my 5tons skuttle box filter. I don't think mainland marts "humidifiers" are actually ionizing the water particles and mixing the air enough. I have tried 2 of their units to no avail with RO and carbon tap water at 180 ppms. Makes the filter clog with calcium dust after like 2 weeks. This is with a REME bulb and MERV8 Skuttle filter in the air handler. Go for an actual evap cooler or air chiller...
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