Skunk Pharm Research in May High Times

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Just got advance copies of the May High Times, where Skunk Pharm Research was featured on pages 52 through 60.

Hats off to Elise for being gracious and kind in her writeup, and for being a good student in the bho and alchemy classes.

Some pictures of the Skywalker and Greencrack that Joe and I extracted specifically for the project, but alas the clear shots I hoped for didn't make the cut. I had a bad camera card that day and missed all of the pictures.

Both were extracted using denatured alcohol and dry ice for the recovery tank and the Skywalker was almost transparent, while the Greencrack looked like electric yellow stained glass. On a scraper, not so much................

Anyone interested in the details might pick up next May's copy and crack it to page 52, plus check out the rest of the articles and advertizements. One of the other articles is a list of strongest strains.


I will be looking forward to receiving my next number!!
Keep up the great work GW!

All the best

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