Skunkman Is Full Of It

I've spent my entire growing career hearing from half those around me that Skunkman is a hero, and from the other half, that he is a villain. Well it seems undeniable at this point; Skunkman was Fed from the get go.

I've been asked "where are the proofs"? And told Sam was in Europe already when Sacred Seeds was busted. We know this is a lie.

There is no arrest record, because Sam was the plant. The goal has ALWAYS been to get the genes to Bayer. The DEA has been fundamental in this. You do the work, we steal it.

Skunkman is on record admitting he worked with authorities to collect genetics. He says he hates the western Cannabis scene and it's useless genetics. Fast forward; GW tells Skunkman to get lost. Instead of seeing the irony in what he did, he reverts back to the "useless" western genetics as his claim to fame and very namesake. He has pretended to be a grower ever since. He has never been a grower, only a representative for corporate policy.

Do I have proof? If what Skunkman says himself was testimony under oath, he would be found guilty in any court of law.

Of course Sam could be misleading, purposely giving contrary accounts of his own life, but the fact that he wants attention from the Cannabis world he once claimed to despise (and very obviously does not understand) says soooo much...

Most ex drug runners don't talk about it much. Especially not in boredom induced posts on the internet. I mean the guy has software that alerts him every time the word SKUNK is posted on icfag. And his story is always "oh i got the material everyone wants I'm just not interested in skunk, thats why i bred it out and gave the original to Bayer. From a man calling himself 'Skunk'man.

Single handedly eradicated the world's most useful phenotype from the commoners hands,and gave it to a company he knew damn well would patent the varieties. This plan had been put into place before prohibition was put on the table,.certainly. Thats all prohibition was ; keeping it out of people's hands until the corporations got their ducks in order.. And we are seeing it come to fruition right now.
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