Slow Release Fertilizers

Hey. I'm thinking of grow some plants with a slow release fertilizer. Use only powders. Growing in coco & perlite indoor , Organic . with some mycorrhiza.
I saw someone grow up like this on the net and I can not find the fertilizer he uses in my country so I'm looking for something similar
for veg- balanced fertilizer 4-4-4 (1-1-1 ratio ). for bloom 2-8-4 .
Can anyone recommend me this type of fertilizer? What else should I know?
In general, people avoid slow release fertilizers for weed. The reason is that the slow release nitrogen interferes with out desire to lower nitrogen in blooming. Timed released ferts will keep on delivering nitrogen, and slow/reduce your blooming.

In general, I advise new growers to stick with mainstream approaches until you have the experience to branch out (pun intended). There is a reason that nobody uses time release fertilzers for weed. If you don't understand a solid, science based reason for doing something different, you'll be more successful sticking with tried and true approaches.