Smokin Tree's Cali Connect girls - pre98 bubba and CVK

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Smokin Tree

Hi, welcome to my journal!

This is the first journal I've done so I hope I can stick with the updates. I'm a fairly new grower but not a total noobie, I think this is my 4th real grow indoors and my first in hydro. I read alot, appreciate any advice but there are also things I just have to try for myself, fuckup alot and learn alot from the fucking up ( like knowing I shouldnt mix strains in a rdwc system but I did anyway, more on that later ).

So like alot of people I was in awe of the trees I see comming out of the UC systems and heard they didnt require a ton of daily maintenance, so I found a DIY thread for making one and just had to try it. I built an 8 site 8 gallon system. As much as I'd like to try the vertical lighting my budget and size of my area sort of limited me to 2 lights so I went with 2 1k switchable's with air cooled hoods. My whole room is pretty new and I learned from my last few grows and have the climate in here pretty locked down. Not sure what else to put about what equipment I have. the strains I'm running are what I chose from my last grow, last grow I ran Rez's Chemdog IX III, Cali connects SFV OG Kush BX2, Chemvalley Kush, and Pre-98 Bubba Kush, the winners of that grow were Pre-98 Bubba and 2 pheno's I chose from the CVK. I love the bubba, what else can I say....who doesnt love bubba, growin 2 of those! One CVK I call lemon, pretty sure it's the SFV side of the cross, great lemon taste and decent potency, growin 2 of those. The other CVK I just call sour and it stood out from every plant I grew, sour musky taste that makes your jaw get tight when you exhale, this is my favorite smoke, the high is extreme and lasts a loooong time. Honestly every plant was pretty decent but these are the ones I kept and aside from the lemon the sour and bubba stay forever.

Heres a few shots of the plants from my last grow...FYI my camera is junk and so are my picture taking skills

Bubba ( right before harvest and its probably burned a little )



Few shots of whats in now

Just planted

1 week

2 weeks

5 1/2 weeks ( current )


So my plan was to veg for 6 weeks and its sort of biting me in the ass, my space is pretty cramped because they are so damn big and its getting hard to get around. Mixing the bubbas with the 2 CVK's obviously wasnt a good idea cause these fuckers just wont stretch but I HAD to have some bubba, any tips on making a plant stretch? I know people usually want the opposite lol.

I'll be starting flower in a couple days, probably wont update any pic's till the buds start but I'll be sure to check in as often as I can if anyone has any questions, comments or advice!
Thanks for checkin it out.

Farm with Love

Loving that bubba

Good job dude
your harvest looks great especially that bubba thats one of my all time favorites and looks like you did the name bubba justice. Good job
also i heard that for stretching plants you could try and use a HPS for vegging, the red spectrum make the plants stretch towards the light a lot more then say a MH bulb.


solid ... how long of a veg did you give your bub and what size was it when you put it into flower ?
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